Silva Regina
8.-12.4. 2018

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

Facts & Figures:

Over more than twenty years of their successful existence, the TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA, BIOMASS fairs have developed into a prestigious event with a high professional credit, being one of the leading events of this kind in Central Europe.

SILVA REGINA 2018 ranks once again among the largest forestry and hunting fairs in Central Europe. The forestry part of the fair is traditionally placed in the vicinity of Hall Z and visitors will find there everything for forest management, maintenance of green plants in towns, as well as practical demonstrations of the use of machines. The hunting part of the fair will be found on the ground floor of Hall Z, where the displays will focus mainly on the sale of hunting supplies. There will also be a stage with an educational and entertainment programme and a restaurant with venison food specials. Every day,  there will be shows by trumpeters, dog trainers and falconers.

The motto of the year 2018 is "Forest Protection by Economic Use". This topic will be taken into consideration especially in the sideline professional programme, which will take place at the upper concourse of Hall Z. At the same place will placed several supporting exhibitions, such as 100 Years of Forestry and Hunting in Czechoslovakia.

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