Brün Nationale Hundeschau
7.-8.1. 2023

Andere Eigenveranstaltung Ausstellung / Show
Brün Nationale Hundeschau visual

Daten & Fakten:

On the weekend 7.-8. On January 1, 2023 , the Brno National Dog Show will take place on the premises of the Brno Exhibition Center.

The company Veletrhy Brno, as organizes simultaneous sales of breeding needs and feed for the whole 2 days. The sellers will be located in the pavilion in the immediate vicinity of the competition circles.

All questions and information about your dogs should be directed to the organizers of the event , the Moravian-Silesian Kennel Club.

  • Veranstaltungsdatum: 7.-8.1. 2023
  • Veranstaltungsort: Messegelände Brünn
  • Veranstalter: Andere




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