AIR-tech PD s.r.o.


AIR-tech is a technology company witha professional background and manyyears of experience. It specializesin research and implementationof state-of-the-art technologies,processes, materials and electronicdevices in aviation. Our portfolioincludes a number of innovativeprojects and implementations, suchas the production of microlight aircraftand drones, including completeUAS systems.

We also pursue design and manufactureof both automatic and, more recently,autonomous systems. We producedrones in both multicopter andaeroplane versions, with differentvariants of drives and electronics controlunits. We also develop STRIX cargodrones in light and heavy versions.Our great benefit to the client is our own research and development,a large range of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience,thanks to which we are able to design individual hardware andsoftware solutions for each situation at the highest professional level.Our approach and offered solutions rank us among the top hi-techcompanies that outline the direction of further development.

APUS Drones

The airplane is in a self-wing design with a negative arrow angle.This concept was chosen for its good aerodynamic properties,particularly the high-speed range, low drag and good controllabilityat low speeds. Its advantage is also easy disassembly into partsof suitable dimensions for transport. The structure is made of glassand carbon composite, by laminating into moulds. Standard driveis by a multiphase electric motor, speed controller and batteries.The control is by radio transmitter and receiver with telemetrytransmission. The system can be complemented by real-time imagetransmission and automatic guidance along a predefined route.