24.-26.5. 2023

Internationale Fachmesse für Abwehr- und Sicherheitstechnik



This year, we would like to demonstrate equipment that helps to combat threats of pandemic or other natural disaster. You will learn about the mobile workplace deployable anywhere, creating private 5G networks for data collection and providing a transmission environment for critical wireless links.

ATS-OPERATOR - mobile office

For the needs of mobile teams, we have developed a mobile office environment designed to install the technology of individual systems of emergency services. It allows quick and safe operation and roll-up of the workstation.


Private 5G campus networks in critical infrastructure

 Today, there is a large number of technologies available that collects and sends huge amounts of data for evaluation. The fundamental problem is how to transmit the data at the required quality and speed. The 5G network is the first mobile public network that defines and enables fully autonomous operation even in private environment.

Packet MW radios Ceragon FiberAir 4-11GHz

Ceragon FiberAir IP-20C-HP is the packet MW radio designed for upgrading microwave networks in critical infrastructure. The device allows connection up to a distance of 150km. As these are technical connections designed for critical infrastructure, the reliability provided is 99.999%. 


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