24.-26.5. 2023

Internationale Fachmesse für Abwehr- und Sicherheitstechnik

e.sigma, s.r.o.


The Parachute Simulator SOKOL™ is a highperformancee.sigma product for the entire spectrumof parachute operations training. SOKOL™ is a holisticsolution, which encompasses all functionalities of ajump, including HALO and HAHO jumps and all types ofcanopies, including reserve and drop chute as well aspilot chute. SOKOL™ was specifically developed for themultistage and comprehensive training of all parachutejumpers, from beginners right up to paratroopers,Special Forces and amphibian troops.All the functionalities were developed in cooperationwith instructors and professional jumpers.

SOKOL™‘s extensive 3D geo-specific visual databasesoffer a variety of different terrain options, serving as thebasis for all types of exercise and mission planning.Due to the advanced customization capabilities, it ispossible not only to train in numerous terrains, differenttimes of day and weather conditions, but also in realisticenvironments and mission specific locations, both aloneas well as in a group jumping scenario.SOKOL™ helps you acquire safe and accuratechute control, for a variety of chute and line relatedmalfunctions. You can also practice evasive maneuversand collision avoidance, as well as training understressful situation to help build confidence and calmduring jumps.


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