This year's offer includes a new version of thismultisensor system that allows the armouredvehicle commander to get a complete view ofthe battlefield situation using a daylight zoomcamera, a cooled thermal imaging cameraand an eye-safe laser range finder. The latestmodification of the CMS-1 means, above all,a higher level of ballistic resistance and the useof an HD camera.


The MANTIS MINI system is a compact version ofthe remote-controlled weapon station, designedto integrate a 7.62 mm machine gun. Itslightweight gyrostabilised design makes it suitablefor use on armoured vehicles or military vessels.MANTIS MINI allows the operator to monitorthe vehicle's surroundings, search for groundand air targets and lead a highly accurate fireon those targets. The combination of sensors ina heavy-duty electro-optical container allows fullfunctionality day and night, in combat conditionsand in all weather conditions.


The GATRIA perimeter protection system offersup to 360˚ situational awareness, which playsa vital role in all land-based combat operations.Designed in a modular way, the system can thusbe adapted to the customer's requirements asmuch as possible.