IDET, PYROS and ISET 2019: Security Fairs Will Open New Opportunities for Business


Security has become a clear priority these days. At this time of increased risks deriving from new outbreaks of war, terrorist attacks as well as other threats, governments do not hesitate to invest in defense and security technologies. Along with that is growing the importance of the defense industry, which has traditionally a strong position in the Czech Republic. Companies present their new products aimed for security forces at trade fairs, to which the Brno‘s IDET has belonged since 1993. Next year on the verge of May and June, its fifteenth edition will be held, once again in partnership with the PYROS and ISET fairs, which present fire and safety equipment and services. There is considerable interest in participation already long time before, because both the Ministry of Defense and the Czech Police and Fire Rescue Brigade of the Czech Republic increase their budgets for medium-term purchasing plans.

IDET forms an essential platform for the presentation of the Czech defense and security industry. Just like in previous years, it will offer the exhibiting firms direct contacts with both domestic and international customers. As an exhibition of defense technologies for Central and Eastern Europe, it is regularly attended by the Ministries of Defense of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries; NATO is usually directly represented with an exhibition stand here, and defense sector delegations from come dozens of countries all around the world. A partner of this trade fair, the Association of Defense and Security Industry of the Czech Republic brings together 110 member companies that are very successful in foreign markets with weapons, security systems and technologies. Already nowadays they export about 80 percent of their products and their application possibilities continue to grow; in fact, sales of armament companies grow globally, and the fastest growth is right in Europe.

The attractiveness of the IDET International Exhibition of Defense and Security Technologies is enhanced by its interconnection with the PYROS International Trade Fair of Fire Fighting Equipment and Services and the ISET International Security Technology and Services Fair. This shamrock of SECURITY FAIRS hence covers with its range of exhibits the entire integrated rescue system, consisting of the army, police and fire brigade. All three components of the Integrated Rescue System work together very closely and often use the same equipment, information technology, communication means, weapons and vehicles. The Brno trade fairs hence give an overview of the entire military and civilian security and above all multiply the possibilities for exhibitors to establish themselves as suppliers for the various components of the integrated rescue system. Recently published acquisition intentions in the medium term open a variety of opportunities for that.

A series of modernization projects have been announced by the Czech Army, which in the context of the deteriorating security situation increases the investments into its technical equipment. By 2020, the Czech Republic defense expenditure should rise to 1.4% of GDP. The goal is namely the modernization of ground forces, and the priority objectives include the modernization or replacement of obsolete BMP-2 armored vehicles and a purchase of 50 NATO caliber cannons, which will replace the ending Dana howitzers. The main armament projects of the Army of the Czech Republic in the medium term include also purchases of mobile radiolocators, light multipurpose helicopters, command-staff and radio communication wheeled armored vehicles and special vehicles for the chemical unit. At the same time project named ‘Soldier of the 21st Century‘ continues, the RBS air defense system modernization is under preparation, as well as the acquisition of SHORAD air defense systems, development of a new global data network and others.

The Fire Rescue Brigade of the Czech Republic is also preparing an extensive modernization of its individual components virtually in all covered areas. Replacement of firefighting rescue vehicles, equipment and material, as well as investments into information technology and control centers are counted on. The announced purchases also affect the means and material for the protection of property against floods, as well as engineering and other equipment for the elimination of consequences of explosions and other disasters, equipment for detecting and removing the effects of chemical and industrial accidents, and last but not least, equipment for rescue and humanitarian operations.

The Police of the Czech Republic in the medium horizon will be purchasing multipurpose helicopters, off-road vehicles, information technology and means of communication. In the pipeline are also modifications of guns and investments into optical apparatuses, vehicle replacements and basic equipment for police officers, as well as purchases of new means of personal protection – helmets and bullet-proof jackets. The ISET 2019 fair, with topic of cyber security, will be an opportunity for a comprehensive presentation of technologies for the protection and safety of life and property.

The whole shamrock of SECURITY FAIRS 2019 will then demonstrate the capabilities of individual components of the security system to face the current threats in case of emergency events in the Czech Republic. Great interest in the exhibits is expected from the public and above all from domestic and international professionals. Moreover, the Brno Exhibition Centre allows presenting the equipment directly in action in a unique outdoor terrain polygon, where attractive demonstrations of various opportunities of utilization take place. The fairs will also feature a traditionally high-quality extensive specialized sideline programme with international conferences and seminars. Brno University of Defense is preparing the CATE (Community - Army - Technology - Environment) conference and FSV UK is preparing an international event called Safe Czechia in a Secure Europe. Part of the fair is also a prestigious competition for the best innovative IDET Gold exhibits.

During the last edition in 2017, the SECURITY FAIRS were attended by more than 32 thousand visitors from 48 countries, and official army delegations arrived from 17 countries.

The deadline for applications associated with the price advantage of participation is 30 November of 2018.