24.-26.5. 2023

Internationale Fachmesse für Abwehr- und Sicherheitstechnik

IDET, PYROS & ISET 2021 will present all components of the integrated rescue system


The importance of the defence and security capacities of the state always grows in difficult times. That is why it is of utmost importance to continue modernizing the armed forces and investing in high-quality equipment. A major show of innovations in the defence and security industry in the region of Central Europe is the IDET trade fair held in Brno. The PYROS and ISET trade fairs will take place concurrently. Once again, all components of the integrated rescue system will be presented.

Innovation for better security

The covid-19 pandemic has reaffirmed to us that we live in a very uncertain world, where we need to be prepared for all sorts of challenges. The increasingly complicated security situation, the expected increase in tensions in crisis regions or other risks associated with international terrorism can only be faced by increasing the capacities of armed forces. Expenditure on defence and security will therefore continue to grow, and so will the rapid development of defence and security technology, which manufacturers present to potential customers at professional international expo events. Within NATO countries, these prestigious events have long included the IDET trade fair, which also builds on the strength of Czech companies operating in the defence and security industry. Next year, experts from many countries, who have decision-making powers concerning acquisitions of military and security technology, will look at their offer at the Brno Exhibition Centre and compare it with foreign competitors. One of the main topics of the upcoming season will be the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.


The fair will once again feature the traditional Golden IDET competition. The prizes for the best exhibits will be handed out by a commission composed of independent experts. During the fair, conferences and seminars focusing on current industry topics will traditionally be held. A Security Innovation Zone will be newly launched in 2021 to support start-ups and security innovations.

The IDET trade fair is also an important platform for the development of international cooperation. The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic as well as the Association of the Defence and Security Industry of the Czech Republic are working closely together on the preparation of the event and the professional supporting programme. Representatives of NATO and the European Defence Agency and members of several tens of official foreign delegations will traditionally be present among trade visitors from abroad. Also in 2021, the participation of representatives of armed forces and government officials from countries all around the world is expected. IDET is also supported by the heading representatives of the Czech Republic. Patronage was granted by the President of the Czech Republic, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Industry and Trade.

The shape of the upcoming IDET, PYROS & ISET fairs was also discussed with the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, the Police President, the General Director of the Fire and Rescue Service, the General Director of the Prison Service, the General Director of the Customs Administration and the Chairman of the State Material Reserves Administration.

Integrated rescue system parade

The coronavirus pandemic has shown the importance of a functioning and well-coordinated integrated rescue system in emergency situations. In addition to doctors and paramedics, each state relies primarily on members of armed and security forces to fight the disease. These people need to avail themselves of state-of-the art equipment, which will make their work easier and increase their safety in the event of additional emergency situations. This particular range of equipment will be available at the PYROS International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair and the ISET International Security Technology and Services Fair, which will take place concurrently with IDET. Essential components of the integrated rescue system, which often have common suppliers, will be presented in one place. This brings advantage to exhibitors because they can effectively reach various target groups. The system's individual components often use similar types of equipment, such as guns, ammunition, optical instruments, uniforms or means of protection. The combination of IDET, PYROS & ISET fairs therefore offers companies a unique opportunity to succeed with one product with several different security forces. In addition to representatives of units directly supervised by the Ministries of Defence and Interior, the fair will also be attended by municipal police officers, volunteer firefighters and professionals from security agencies.


All components of the integrated rescue system will be involved in the supporting programme again. As part of the IDET ARENA 2021, technology used by the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, firefighters, police officers and rescuers will be demonstrated at an off-road polygon. Professionals can look forward to attractive dynamic demonstrations of combat equipment and simulated interventions. Units of the Prison Service and the Customs Administration will also be presented. 


The jubilee 15th IDET was the largest in history

Last season of IDET took place in 2019 with the participation of 423 exhibiting companies from 28 countries, with the share of foreign companies reaching 70 percent. The displays were visited by 26,389 trade visitors from 40 countries and 149 journalists from 9 countries were accredited for the fair. Trade visitors from abroad were mainly professionals from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria and Sweden. At the invitation of the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, representatives of NATO and the European Defence Agency as well as official delegations and representatives of foreign armed forces from 20 countries took part in the IDET trade fair. Last year's participants highly appreciated the expo's professional level and quality as well as the interest from visitors.

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