Netline Communication Technologies


Counter IED Solutions

Specializing in EW systems, Netline’s comprehensive approach for remotely preventing detonation of Improvised Explosive Device (IED), is based on full coverage Counter IED jamming systems in multiple configurations, suited to the ever-changing operational environment & needs forboth military and homeland security markets. Netline offers a complete line of C-IED systems, the 'C-Guard' Family, utilizing full coverage, reactive jamming systems.

Counter Drone Solutions

Netline’s 'DroneNet' platform offers a multi-layered, complete counter drone solution for Detection, Identification, Localization andMitigation of hostile drones, all monitored and controlled by a central C4. The system provides a safe environment for strategic targets by creating a virtual “protective dome” isolating the protectee and preventing unauthorized drones from intruding criticalairspace. The ‘DroneNet’ platform offers a range of both stationery and portable configurations, designed to meet the requirements of tactical counter UAS missions according to military standards.