Prestigious exhibitors and top exhibits


Of course, all key bidders for the largest contract in the history of the Czech Army worth 53 billion crowns will be presented at the fair. The supplier of 210 infantry combat vehicles is likely to be selected among four companies: British BAE Systems (CV-90), Spanish General Dynamics European Land Systems (Ascod) and two German companies – PSM (Puma) and Rheinmetall Landsysteme (Lynx). All four eligible armoured vehicles can also be viewed by IDET visitors. Their exhibitors will obviously bring in also other exhibits, for example, the Pandur manufacturer General Dynamics has announced two heavy-duty tracked vehicles and one wheeled vehicle. News in this category worth paying attention feature the tactical armoured vehicle Gerlach, which has successfully passed the tests and will be exhibited in Brno by the Slovak company Zetor Engineering. The Belgian company CMI Defence will be exhibiting for the first time – it produces, among others, top weapon systems for military vehicles; and after a few years, the Finnish manufacturer of armoured vehicles PATRIA is returning to IDET.

A unique show is also under preparation in other sectors, including aviation. For example, the legendary Black Hawk army helicopter is bound to arrive and decorate the display of the company Czechoslovak Group. The first-time participant Modelárna LIAZ will showcase its unmanned helicopter. The Embraer aircraft manufacturer arrives for the first time from Brazil, and the US company Lockheed is returning as one of the leading brands in the industry. There will also be IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries, the biggest Israeli aircraft  manufacturer. Special focus of IDET 2019 is Swedish - Czech cooperation in defence industry. Sweden, representing, amongst others, the company Saab Technologies as the manufacturer of Gripen aircraft. The Defence Industry Association of Sweden is preparing the Swedish national stand, featuring additional Swedish manufacturers. Two Swedish companies will also be exhibiting at the BAE Systems group display.

The largest exhibitor at IDET is traditionally the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic together with the Czech Army. This year's stand will be traditionally spectacular and the presentation will mark the important anniversaries we celebrate this year: 100 years since the establishment of the General Staff and 20 years since our entry into NATO. This is where fans of technology will also have theirs, and the army display will also be available for viewing on Saturday 1 June, when the other exhibitors at IDET will already be winding up.