IDET 2019 is vividly sought after, exhibitors' stands occupy a record-breaking area and visitors will see top military equipment


Defence spending is on the rise worldwide, the development of defence and security technologies is accelerating and the long-awaited tender for infantry combat vehicles for the Czech army will culminate this year. All this will be positively reflected at the IDET International Defence and Security Technologies Fair, which will be held at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 29 to 31 May 2019.

"The exhibitors' interest in IDET is higher than two years ago, the fair will be larger  and richer in exhibits. The increase does not consist in a higher number of stands but in a significant expansion of rented exhibition space, because companies want to present a larger quantity of attractive exhibits," says project director Michalis Busios.

On the background of the increased interest are the currently unfavourable security situation, the threat of terrorism and the emergence of new tension spots in various places around the world. The share of defence spending in GDP is growing nowadays not only in the Czech Republic, but almost everywhere. Increased demand is responded to by defence and security technology manufacturers who invest more in research and development and want to showcase their innovative products to potential customers. The markets in the Czech Republic and in the neighbouring countries are an attractive outlet for suppliers, this is why new exhibitors from abroad are on this year's IDET, and other interesting participants return to the Brno Exhibition Center. In addition, we are a traditional armament superpower and we have something to present to customers from all over the world. The IDET fair will therefore once again be visited by representatives of armed forces of many countries; 40 army delegations from around the world have been officially invited.