Concurrently with PYROS, ISET and an attractive supporting programme


IDET is part of a shamrock of security fairs, including the PYROS International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair and the ISET International Security Technology and Services Fair. These two fairs will remain open also on Saturday 1 June, when the Exhibition Centre will open its gates to general public and families with children. An attractive supporting programme with dynamic demonstrations of cutting-edge technology and intervention actions of all three components of the Integrated Rescue System will take place on the off-road polygon and in the outdoor exhibition area.

As regards IDET, only the display of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Czech Army, including their sideline outdoor activities, will remain open on Saturday. However, the commercial part of IDET is primarily intended for professionals and is subject to rigorous security measures. That is why IDET ends on Friday 31 May, and during the first two days, i.e. 29 and 30 May, Hall P will be open only to visitors over the age of 16.

The reputation of the IDET fair is also based on a top-level professional supporting programme, which is attended by defence and security experts from various countries. The Brno University of Defence is once again preparing the traditional CATE (Community-Army-Technology-Environment) conference and along with it will take place a number of additional interesting events, which we will keep you informed about.