24.-27.5. 2023

Internationale Fachmesse für Sicherheitstechnik

IDET ARENA: SWOT Team of the South Moravian Region Police Directorate


The SWOT team was set up on 1st of January 2010 with the range of action in the territory of the South Moravian Region, Region Vysočina as well as region of Zlín.

Tasks of the SWOT team are unique and include mainly protection or restoration of security at public places. For combating the organised crime, it is mainly deployed for the purpose of perpetrators’ apprehension.

The following specific tasks fall within the authority of the team: security and transport of protected persons, transport of dangerous materials, ammunition, firearms as well as valuable objects for banks and public institutions such as museums, accompaniment of hazardous materials for nuclear power plants and protection of objects. Further tasks lie in response to terroristic attacks, hijacking of persons and transport means as well as explosive detection in the course of the aforementioned tasks.

The SWAT team has its place – together with the whole police body – in the integrated rescue system. In this respect are the team members deployed for work in heights with helicopter use, explosives employment, rescue of persons and further special tasks.

The display shows you and example of the reaction of the team towards an attack on protected person’s transport. In the course of the display number of vehicles will be deployed, imitation of explosives and fire with blank ammunition with focus on dynamic activity as well as defensive tactics.




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