ANIMAL TECH as a space for presentation of breeding technology


The ANIMAL TECH International Fair for Animal Production and the National Show of Livestock will be held at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 12 May (Sunday) to 15 May (Wednesday) next year. At the same time, the participants in the Central European Veterinary Congress will gather at the Brno Exhibition Centre. The National Gamekeeping Show will be held will also be held concurrently.

In 2016, a change in the concept of the TECHAGRO fair and the National Show of Livestock started with the separation of the previous Animal Vetex trade fair and its transformation into the ANIMAL TECH International Fair for Animal Production held together with the National Show of Livestock in odd years. Following on these changes, technologies for livestock breeding will move from the TECHAGRO fair to the ANIMAL TECH fair in the next season to be held in 2019. This trade fair thus becomes the largest professional event focused on the presentation of all fields related to livestock breeding, from genetics to nutrition and animal housing. The TECHAGRO trade fair together with SILVA REGINA continue to be profiled as agricultural and forestry events. 

Exhibitors welcome the new dates of holding

With their interest in participating in the ANIMAL TECH 2019 trade fair, exhibitors confirm the correctness of the current orientation of this trade fair. The deadline for submitting the applications is set to 15 January 2019, however, exhibitors have been continuously registering since the publication of the application form in the spring of this year, and their interest suggests that the ANIMAL TECH trade fair will even surpass its last year's size. The new dates of holding mean a shift towards a higher level of expertise of the trade fair and allow most of the championships and competitions to be held on weekdays. The ANIMAL TECH trade fair and the National Show of Livestock will be hosted in Hall P (cattle, 2 show stages and exhibitors' stands), Hall F (sheep, goats, pigs and an arena for horses) and on outdoor areas adjacent to these exhibition halls.