International Fair for Animal Production

International beekeeping exhibition and mead show coming to Brno Exhibition Centre in May 2019


The National Show of Livestock also features a beekeeping exhibition in Hall G1. Exhibits are on sale and the exhibition is intended for both professionals and the general public. Beekeeping supplies will be sold and displayed, as well as products for bee breeding, honey and beeswax products – honey, mead,  confectionery, cosmetics, and everything else that can be made of honey, royal jelly and wax. Buying directly from beekeepers guarantees the best price and good quality. You can also count on expert advice and recommendations, the credibility of which is once again guaranteed by the presence of beekeepers themselves. There will be a beekeeping lecture as part of this exhibition on Sunday 12 May.

Date: 7 Feb 2019 14:40:00