22.-26.4. 2023

International Fair for Animal Production

From hats to saddles, from pictures to books


Buy an original picture of a horse, an interesting book, riding clothes, maybe a saddle or a trailer. Directly in Hall F you have the opportunity to pick from the offer of equestrian supplies and souvenirs from various parts of the country.

Power sources, nets, cables, insulators and plastic rods will be offered at the fair by the company Ketris s.r.o., which also offers supplies for horses and riders. The Covalliero riding apparel collection, boasting high quality products at good prices will be available for purchase at the exhibition.

Western style and fashion fans will also have theirs. New designs of hats, belt buckles, scarves, coats, shoes, shirts and other accessories will be brought to Hall F by the company WESTERN – JAAN, run by the Navrátil family.

Accessories for riders and horses and all the equipment will be offered to visitors by the well-known Brno firm OBLUK. In recent years, it has been focusing on a wide range of products for western and recreational riding, including saddles and bridles, but the range also includes English gear and fashion. And should you not be satisfied with the goods available at the fair, you can also visit the firm's retail store. As a co-exhibitor there will be the firm Ridever CZ, which will offer original collections of Czech tailor-made equestrian fashion, including embroidery and graphics.

At the fair, you can also buy original EQUIMODEL.CZ saddle pads from a small home workshop in Semily. They are handcrafted, colourful, and cheerful and processed in order to be comfortable for the horse, and to make their use pleasurable and ostentatious for the rider. They have an anatomical shape, breathability, strength, shape stability, are easy to wash and have a long durability thanks to the use of high-quality Czech materials. The firm will also bring 100% cotton crocheted caparisons for ears, stabilised in shape and colour.

Miriam Johanka Štivarová, a painter from, will bring hand-painted baseball caps, T-shirts, original  folded leaflets and decorations, picture bags, as well as decorated hip flasks. Thanks to their shape, these decorated hip flasks fit in every pocket and provide a welcome source of inner warming at every stop.

The painter Marta Mastná from Dašovský Mlýn has been at the fair several times. Her small family business started to run in 1990. Initially, it was solely the portraying of animals to order and the sale of pictures at breeders' events, along with participation in classical picture exhibitions. Later on, the activity expanded to include the production of stickers, key fobs and decorated T-shirts. Nowadays, the artist's products include car stickers, cartoon stickers with horse, dog and cat motifs, original paintings and jewellery.

Trailers will also be available at the fair – a branded horse carrier will be brought in by Jiří Jelínek and a trailer for transporting various (not only horse-related) supplies will be presented by the company Přívěsy Morava.

Date: 10 May 2019 08:47:00