22.-26.4. 2023

International Fair for Animal Production

Poultry breeding and cattle husbandry


The company ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s., introduces a novelty at the fair – its NCR 24 tank trailer for the transport of liquid agricultural waste with a volume of 24 cubic meters. This semi-trailer will be fitted with two axles, one of which is self-steering. It will have a steel tank fitted with an internal coating, including mixing and rinsing pipes, fitted with a pump, a docking funnel and hydraulically operated slide valves.

One of the exhibitors at the trade fair will be KOVOBEL, a production cooperative, the  dates history of which dates to as early as 1966. This traditional Czech manufacturer of poultry breeding systems will offer visitors technological equipment for laying hens, specifically for example an aviary with an integrated nest, a laying nest, but also a droppings conveyor belt and a silo.

Cattle breeders will also be offered consultancy on cattle husbandry. It will be brought, among others, by the company GGI CZECH, s.r.o., which deals in insemination doses, setting of mating plans and the aforementioned consultancy. Natural, spol. s r. o., a Czech breeding company that operates a bull insemination station in Hradištko pod Medníkem, will also be happy to advise you on cattle husbandry. There are currently 100 breeding bulls  at their station, offering insemination doses of bulls of all dairy breeds – Holstein, Red Holstein, Czech Spotted, Montbeliarde, Jersey and Brown-Swiss, as well as meat breeds such as Charolais, Aberdeen Angus, Meat Simmental, Limousine, Belgian Blue, Blonde d`Aquitaine, Hereford, Piemontese, Galloway, Salers, Gasconne, Shorthorn, Highland, Wagyu and more.

At the fair we will also find technologies for precision agriculture, exhibited by the company AgriTechnika CZ. In particular, it is the NIR equipment from the manufacturer Dinamica Generale, which can analyze the nutritional parameters of a feed within a few seconds. This equipment ranges from the AgriNIR mobile NIR feed analyzer, through the manual X-NIR NIR feed analyzer, the NIR real-time feed analyzer dg precision feeding (usable on all types of feeding vehicles), to the NIR silage maize analyzer for any type of cutter. The company will also present its system for monitoring of the optimum consistency of TMR in a mixing car called Visiomix.

In order for the feed to maintain its quality, it must be correctly stored and monitored. This is brought to the market by the company NutriVet s.r.o., which brings in a range of biological and chemical preservatives Safesil, Challenge, Ecosyl and Nutrisil. Newly, it will also introduce its Datalogger for continuous monitoring of feed temperatures in the on-line system directly on a mobile phone, tablet or PC in the form of diagrams. It will also offer its new AGRITEC SILAGE SAFE silage trough covering system to create hermetic environment by means of a silage canvas.

Date: 18 Mar 2019 13:00:00