22.-26.4. 2023

International Fair for Animal Production

Stable equipment and accessories for pasture farming


The company DüKa Czech s.r.o. will advise breeders on how to obtain a soft, hygienically safe and dry litter for livestock. It will introduce stable straw mattresses using a preparation called KSM kalk alk, a technology widely used in Germany. The technology of mattress production consists in mixing straw with the KSM kalk alkalisch and water in a feeder wagon. After stratification in the boxes and subsequent compaction with a vibration plate or roller, a stable hygienic straw mattress is created, which lasts for several years in the box bed, and is to be regularly topped with a mixture every two weeks.

Transport of livestock must also be done in a high quality manner. The company POL-AGRO TRADING ZT, s.r.o. will present its  technology for animal transport, transport of agricultural commodities and forage equipment. As importers, they carry out imports of refurbished equipment form Polish and Ukrainian agricultural machinery manufacturers. As a matter of course,  they provide service assistance and quick delivery of spare parts.

Pasture farming of animals seems to be a current trend, which, however, also requires reliable technology and equipment. It will be brought in by, for example, the company  Zemědělské potřeby M+S s.r.o.  At the exhibition, they will present an expanded range of water feeders from the French brand La Gée – the Polyspring and Polyflex water bowls, Polytherme ball water bowl, Polypump field troughs and Superbac water tanks. Also exhibited will be the well-known Finnish fences OLLI and as a novelty on the Czech market, the company will present Clotseul and Chapron electric fences for all categories of animals.

Power sources, nets, cables, insulators and plastic rods will be offered at the trade fair by the company Ketris s.r.o., which this year comes with its supplier's flagship -   fencing of the Kerbl brand. At the exhibition, it will also present technologies for small dairies, churns, centrifuges and pasteurisers. A novelty will be the MILKY pasteurisers of the FJ50PF and FJ100PF types, which can be connected via Bluetooth to a smart mobile phone or tablet, where you can set everything concerning the process of pasteurization, yogurt or cheese production – temperature, time and more. Last but not least, the company also offers horse and rider supplies. The Covalliero riding apparel collection, boasting high-quality products at good prices, will be available for purchase at the exhibition.

Western style and fashion fans will also have theirs. New designs of hats, belt buckles, scarves, coats, shoes, shirts and other accessories will be brought to Hall F by the family company WESTERN – JAAN owned by Mr & Mrs Navrátil.

Veterinary products also will not be missing in the horse pavilion. The company TOPVET offers a high-quality Czech series, which prides itself on the quality of raw materials used and their combination to utilize the potential of active substances. The result consists in horse-care products with maximum efficiency and high application comfort. The TOPVET series for horses includes hoof care, skin and coat care, supplementary nutrition, care of joints, ligaments and tendons, and natural repellents.

Accessories for riders and horses and all types of equipment will be offered to visitors by the renowned  Brno-based firm OBLUK. In recent years, it has been focusing on a broad range of products for western and recreational riding, but its range also includes English gear and fashion. You can look forward to a selection of really rich assortment of goods.

All those who like well-sharpened knives should not miss the display of the firm KDS. Its full name is Nožířské výrobní družstvo KDS Sedlčany (Cutlery Manufacturing Cooperative) and it will offer a truly wide portfolio of goods at the fair, such as forged kitchen knives, butchers' professional knives, meat cutting knives, butchers' axes, poultry shears and kitchen utensils or even camping knives, handicraft and gardening knives and various kinds of scissors.

The company BEST COVER will offer equipment for easy feeding of calves stabled in individual sheds. In its mobile equipment called MILK TAXI, the milk compound feed is mixed and heated to the desired temperature. The practical four-wheeled chassis allows for easy milk delivery to the calves and the integrated battery-powered pump ensures the exact dose to the bucket. The pasteurisation unit is then used to obtain healthy and risk-free native milk. The company will also present its Zefiro Fan ventilation system stables and halls, and equipment for adjustment of bedding in stable boxes called SUPPATA.

Nutrition for calves is also dealt with by the company TREWIT s.r.o. At the fair, they will introduce an innovative device for easy measurement of colostrum density called MS COLOSTRO BALLS. It offers immediate measurement results, user-friendly operation and easy maintenance. MS COLOSTRO BALLS put in a colostrum container you can easily evaluate the quality of colostrum by the number and colour of floating balls.

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