22.-26.4. 2023

International Fair for Animal Production

All for nutrition and care of horses


Do you like your horses? Then you will surely give them the best, because love passes through the stomach, and this is doubly true concerning our four-legged herbivores – to make them look good, feel good, simply to make them thrive in all senses. Several companies focusing on horse nutrition and veterinary care will present themselves in Hall F.

TOPVET will offer a quality Czech line of veterinary products, which prides itself on the quality of the raw materials used and their combination to utilize the potential of active substances. This results in horse-care products with maximum efficiency and high application comfort. TOPVET for horses includes hoof care, skin and hair care, supplementary nutrition, care of joints, ligaments and tendons, and natural repellents.

Veterinary products for horses, with emphasis on hair, muscles and joints, breathing, detoxification and stress relief will be brought in by the company PROVET TRADE. Their syrups and tablets made from medicinal plant extracts boast high absorbency, easy dosing, they work quickly and, thanks to their revolutionary composition, also effectively. The company will likewise bring in popular electrolytes for regeneration after exercise and veterinary shampoos will also be featured. Additional products will include tasty horse feed in the form of muesli and granules.

The HABIBI PRO KONĚ.CZ [HABIBI FOR HORSES] project will also be presented at the exhibition, offering complete support in the approach to horses in accordance with their natural needs and their individual differences,  whether it is a special vitamin or nutritional blend, aromatherapy or bedding treatment.

Nutrition for horses will also be presented by ADW Feed. The company will bring to the fair horse feeds and hydrothermal flakes with unique technological processing in the Czech Republic. These flocculated products from hydrothermally processed cereals are characterized by high digestibility and usability of starches, proteins and fats. The company is a purely Czech entity engaged in nutrition, counselling and feed production for horses and other farm animals.

Happy Horses, a new exclusively Czech brand of will also be represented at the fair and will bring quality full-fledged nutrition for horses. The basis of their feeds is classic grass silage and maize chop including grain. These main components are further enriched with other supplements from a range of vitamins, minerals and agricultural products, also in ORGANIC quality according to the needs of the horse and the customer's wishes. Happy Horses' feed will largely replace the classical hay while giving your horse nutritional value to the extent it needs. The ingredients of the Happy Horses' feeds are mostly grown in the protected area of ​​the Jistebnická Vrchovina Nature Park on the borderline between South and Central Bohemia.

The company Höveler has been producing quality horse feed for over 100 years. Over the century, the company has become a leading feed manufacturer in Europe. The founders of the Höveler philosophy have always adapted to the feed program of horses  based on latest scientific research of horses, and the nutritional needs of horses have been consistently monitored and respected throughout the century and beyond. The company will offer in Brno a wide range of products, from granules, muesli and mashes, to bulk feed of various forms of processing, through to vitamins and minerals, herbs and candies.

Date: 10 May 2019 10:45:00