MOPSY - dried delicacies for dogs

The MOPSY company has been producing dried treats for dogs since 2014. Most customers are retail chains, wholesalers and retailers.

Of course, there is sponsorship of shelters, events to support dogs in need, voříškiády and the fight against breeding. We also go to exhibitions, farmers' markets and now we also have an e-shop. We take raw materials for production and drying only from Czech farms, first-class quality. We do not use any preservatives in production. In the store, you can buy our products at retail but also after registration (ID number) at wholesale prices. We offer prices up to 50% lower than the competition!

YOU SHOP FROM THE MANUFACTURER, not from a reseller. The price stated for the product is final.

Contact information:
phone: +420 778 057 778

We are not VAT payers.

An ever-expanding range!