A good piece of canned salmon WOOF and MOOU for dogs and cats exclusively from Ocean48

Ocean48 - Importer of sea fish, operator of retail stores and organizer of unique gastronomic festivals Sea Festival has been a concept for everyone for 10 years - who love gastronomy and sea fish, are interested in a healthy lifestyle and are related to nature.

Ocean48, now expands its activity towards veterinary products and launches an exclusive and unique novelty among supplementary feeds - cans WOOF and MOOU for dogs and cats.

The primary source of raw material for the production of canned food is food-grade sea fish intended for human consumption.

A by-product of filleting is parts of fish that are not suitable for the food industry, but are a very important source of nutrients for animals.

WOOF and MOOU contain only:

  • Heads and skeletons - a source of calcium and phosphorus phospholipids.
  • Muscle (fillets) - a source of protein
  • Skin with subcutaneous fat - source of Omega3
  • Fins, cartilage - a source of chondroitin and glucosaminoglycans

Cans do not contain any preservatives or thickeners, antimicrobial safety of feed is ensured by sterilization by pressure and heat.

Just like yourself, give your dog or cat the best - just buy them a good piece of canned salmon in WOOF and MOOU.

During the event, we sell WOOF and MOOU from Ocean48 on 2 stands:

in pavilion G1 - No. 023

free area in front of pavilion G1 - No. 084

After the end of the World Dog Show 2021 Brno, they will be available exclusively in the Ocean48 stone shops and on the e-shop of the online store www.ofora.cz , www.ocean48.cz , www.slavnostimore.cz