7.-9.2. 2023

International Fair for Packaging and Printing

Who will the trade visitors visit for sure?


With the approaching date of the application deadline, which is 30 September 2015, well-known and economically minded firms and companies have applied to participate in EmbaxPrint Packaging and Printing International Fair. The basic price of exhibition space will increase by 20% after the expiry of the application due date. Having made use of this bargain offered by the organizer, EmbaxPrint will feature, among others, the following companies.

ARCOMN Machinery will present packing machines, BECHTOPLAST shows packaging materials and resources while JaGa is an expert on barcodes. An offer of packaging machines and equipment will be presented by a German company WITT-GASETECHNIK. Packaging materials and resources will be exhibited by company NOLATO CERBO from Sweden and also by a Hungarian company ALBA PULP. From Italy, the company SARTI SUPPLIES from Bologna will present their goods in the field of packaging machinery and equipment, same as APR SOLUTIONS, manufacturer of graphics tools and markers.

Dear exhibitors, if you are going to exhibit at EmbaxPrint Packaging and Printing International Fair in Brno, take advantage of the great deals offered by the organizers until 30 September 2015, and save for exhibition space rental!

We are looking forward to meeting you.

The EmbaxPrint organising team

Date: 8 Sep 2015 09:33:00