7.-9.2. 2023

International Fair for Packaging and Printing

You have not decided yet whether to exhibit at EmbaxPrint?


Dear exhibitors, you are probably aware that after 7 years the two international trade fairs, EMBAX and PRINTexpo are joined into one called EmbaxPrint; you probably know that it is a traditional fair and in February next year we will have its 29th edition, and you probably also know that in parallel with the packaging and printing fair there will be the complete food industry show, represented by SALIMA / VINEX, MBK and INTECO.

But if you are still missing some information about the EmbaxPrint packaging and printing fair, which could lead to your decision to attend these fairs, we have prepared comprehensive information not only about the trade fairs as such, but also about the food market in this country. You can find out more in the attached presentation.

Date: 7 Sep 2015 09:37:00