20.-23.10. 2022

International Travel Fair

20.-23.10. 2022

International Fair for Regional Tourism

The tourism trade fairs, Go and Regiontour, are starting off on Thursday, the first day is for specialists


The January tourism trade fairs GO and Regiontour will bring not only a colorful offer of package tours and an extensive presentation of regions in the Czech Republic to Brno, but also an adventure program. The traveler's trade fairs will take place from the 17th to the 20th of January at the Brno Exhibition Grounds, the first day is for specialists. 

Data from the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) shows that Czechs go most often on holiday by car and that they rely on the services of travel offices and agencies. Interest has been on the rise in the last few years for something more exotic, as well as for sightseeing tours and European weekends. People can gain inspiration, get to know the world in pictures or pick out a new destination at the tourism trade fairs of Go and Regiontour in Brno.

“The Go Trade fair offers visitors information and tips concerning foreign destinations. Whereas Regiontour focuses on domestic tourism and people will be able to learn many interesting things about Czech regions. And therefore, trade fairs are suitable for travelers who prefer organized tourism, as well as for those who are interested in travel on their own,” says Miloň Mlčák, the director of the tourism trade fairs, Go and Regiontour.

Czechs are breaking traveling records 

“During 2017, travel offices recorded a record growth in sales of package tours and this trend continued in 2018,” stated Vladimír Dolejš, the chairman of the Association of travel offices in the Czech Republic. Traveling is becoming a significant item of domestic budgets. In 2017 alone, Czechs went on nearly 6.3 million expeditions to foreign countries, where smaller trips lasting 3 nights outside of the Czech Republic, made up approximately 1.3 million of these. With more than 28 million expeditions, we also have managed to travel our country well and 20 million of that 28 million are shorter stays. This trend also continued in 2018.

The Regiontour trade fair has been introducing a platform for a long period of time. A platform which focuses on a presentation of the entire Czech Republic and so it supports domestic tourism. For example, the CzechTourism agency will present the Czech Republic in 2019-2022 through a new trade fair exposition. “The new interpretation combines elements which have been proven in past years – for example, pictures with large formatting or a large-area LED screen – with a series of new technologies and accompanying programs. The exposition will be firstly introduced right at the GO and Regiontour trade fair in Brno. In 2019, the CzechTourism agency will attend a total of 17 prestigious domestic and international trade fairs. Furthermore, our Republic will be represented to the world at chosen activities, organized by our foreign representatives. There are currently 23 of these activities around the world,” says Monika Palatková, the director of the CzechTourism agency.

Seniors are spending more and more on traveling 

Seniors are also starting to travel more. The Czech population is growing older and increasing in numbers of mainly, active seniors, who are not limited by their health condition in their everyday lives or during their travels. This ever-increasing target group is very interesting for traveling offices, many of which are focusing on specialized offers made just for them. “A senior is an ideal customer. They have enough time, a regular income and the desire to travel. The activity curve of seniors is shifting more and more into a higher age and so we have 80-year-old clients who are active travelers,” says Petr Krč, executive and production director of CK Atis, which primarily offers holidays in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Petr also estimates that the age group over 55 makes up 55% of CK Atis’ clients and this portion is constantly growing. “Focusing on this group and preparing places specialized for seniors to stay is paying off well,” adds Krč. According to travel agencies, seniors are not even afraid to travel somewhere exotic. “There is an increase in clients who invest in expensive holidays,” says Kateřina Náglová from CK Delfin travel, which specializes exclusively on seniors. “The current trend is Thailand, which we offer as a calm sightseeing tour as well as a hotel-based tour. We do not push the clients in any direction. More and more, we are taking our clients to America, to the cities as well as to national parks. China is also no longer an exception,” she adds.

“Seniors actually make up a distinct portion of visitors to the tourism trade fairs of Go and Regiontour. These visitors look more for sales of package tours right at the Brno Exhibition grounds when compared with a younger target group. On the contrary, families with children or the entire younger target group altogether, focuses on the adventure program and they even appreciate an offer in the area of gastronomy,” describes Karolína Křenková, the press secretary for the tourism trade fairs of Go and Regiontour. The festival of regional and specialty foods, REGFOODFEST, will enhance the accompanying program of the trade fairs. Also, students studying to become chefs, pastry chefs and waiters will happily prepare wonderful meals while they compete in the International Competition, GASTRO JUNIOR BRNO 2019 – BIDFOOD CUP. You can also look forward to lectures on exotic gastronomy from different corners of the world.

Cultural wealth, active holiday or virtual reality 

Several themes will take place at the trade fairs. One of these themes is the active holiday, which draws people closer to the idea of a holiday on the water, bicycle touring or tourism on foot. An elaborate climbing wall will be prepared for the adrenaline enthusiast. The new addition to this year will be the comprehensive golf presentation. The trade fairs will also offer meetings with several travelers. “We are inviting nomads who will share their travel experiences with the visitors and who will also bring their recreational vehicles so that those who are interested can check them out,” finishes Křenková. During these four days, people will also be able to meet several travelers thanks to the GO KAMERA festival, which is focusing on Central Asia this year. The specialized program will then be devoted to the example of modern technologies in the field of tourism and electronic evidence of sales.

The basic entrance fee to the trade fairs will be 180 Czech Crowns, price for families is 280 Czech Crowns. On Sunday, the organizers have prepared a special entrance fee of just 80 Czech Crowns for seniors.



Information about both trade fairs, GO & REGIONTOUR 

Trade fair GO focuses on outward-bound tourism. Suppliers of tourism services will take part in the trade fair with the domestic travel offices and agencies for favorite foreign destinations and foreign tourism headquarters. This is the largest presentation of the tourism industry with a stress on regions within central Europe. The 29th edition will be taking place in 2019.

The trade fair REGIONTOUR is mainly a presentation platform regarding tourism within regions in the Czech Republic. It is the principle project in support of external and domestic tourism. Key stakeholders and decision makers in Czech tourism and individual regions are involved. The 28th edition will be taking place in 2019.

The Festival of regional and specialty foods RegFoodFest and the International Competition Gastro Junior Brno 2019 – Bidfood Cup as well as the festival of traveler’s films, photography and publications GO KAMERA will be taking place alongside the trade fairs.




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