20.-23.10. 2022

International Travel Fair

20.-23.10. 2022

International Fair for Regional Tourism

The modern-day Nomads are heading to the Brno Exhibition Center, bringing their special vehicles along with them

January 11th, 2018

The Nomad project will be a big draw of the January GO and Regiontour fairs, and mainly the festival Hall F. Surely you have already heard about the Lidovky.cz news portal series. In January, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the adventurers who are traveling around the world on their own, in unusual vehicles and often in unusual locations on the planet. Here is a little taste of what you can expect to see and hear. 

The Bronco Instead of a Hotel project 

Martin Remiš is a Slovakian architect who has loved the true American road cruiser since his childhood: The Ford Bronco. It is no surprise that he and his wife Zuzana embarked on a somewhat unusual honeymoon. It lasted half a year and led them to Siberia and Mongolia. As you can probably guess, they completed the trip in a Ford Bronco, for which they had a special expeditionary cabin built on to it, based on their own design. The construction underwent an endurance test in the form of difficult terrain as well as Siberian frost. Visitors will be able to see the vehicle at the exhibition.

Project Avia

It looks like a really bad idea at first glance: you take an Avia A30 caravan from 1974 and find a very remote destination, if possible, with precarious road conditions (if there are any roads at all there) and head off on a journey with a maximum speed of 85 kilometers per hour. Except that Vojta Wertich and his friends proved that it is possible. The Avia first reached Mongolia, then northern Europe and even North Africa. Their latest expedition brought them to South America. There Amálka, as the aged expeditionary vehicle is lovingly called, is waiting there for another adventure, which will begin in a few months.

ČZ expedition around Africa 

Martin Magnusek dusted off the ČZ brand motorcycle from the times of Communism in the former Czechoslovakia, which had stood there forgotten for several long years. He thought that the old ČZ was more than just scrap metal and to prove it he ventured off on a journey across Africa in 2015.  After five months, he arrived at Cape Agulhas - the southernmost place on the dark continent. He returned to Africa this year and took a different route back to the north. His faithful machine once again safely transported him across the entire continent.

The Hugo and Us project  

Hugo is an inconspicuous van like thousands of others traveling across Europe. She works in marketing, he is in film and video. One day they moved into a van with their dog and set off from Prague. Along the way, besides exploring new places, they took photos, recorded videos using drones and worked. The digital nomads created a carefully maintained website about their lifestyle, including good places for overnight stays and living costs. Their statistics show, among other things, that they spent 273 crowns a day on their meals.

Date: 11 Jan 2018 11:30:00