20.-23.10. 2022

International Travel Fair

20.-23.10. 2022

International Fair for Regional Tourism

An action-packed weekend for the whole family

January 11th, 2018

Still no plans on how to keep your youngsters entertained this weekend? Then head out to the January travel fairs which will be held January 19th – 21st, 2018. The Brno Fair Grounds will be opening a new experience pavilion offering all kinds of activities for families with children. And while you’re here you can even plan your family vacation.

Families on bikes

Families that play together stay together, and what better way to do that than on bikes. You can even take fun family vacations on bikes. Experts at the January Regiontour festival will talk about how to plan your route, what to pack and what to expect. The Kučera Cycling Club from Znojmo has plenty of ideas of how to make a family biking trip more interesting. They have extensive experience with planning trips. “We organize cycling trips year-round, in the winter on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. When it warms up, we head out three or four times a month,” says cycling club manager Čestmír Vala. Cycling enthusiasts can also join the cycling club on thematic trips to wineries for example. In the summer the club organizes cycling camps for children. “One is a day camp in the city and one is a classic overnight camp out in the country,“ adds Vala. At the fair children can also practice the rules of the road and try out special electric bikes.

Bouncing balls or a giant inflated gingerbread house

Children both big and small will have fun in the kid’s zone. There will be a whole lot of bouncing going on in Pavilion F. “We are planning to have several attractions for smaller children. For example, an inflatable gingerbread house where you can buy regional gingerbread products and also an inflatable city with climbing sections,” says Dominik Korčák from Aquazorbing.cz, the company running the kid’s zone. Families that would like to let their children play while they check out other attractions in pavilion F can rest assured. “The children’s area will be supervised by our trained personnel,” assures Korčák.

For a really great family vacation, head for the water

Paddleboarding, yachting, water yoga or diving. A holiday by the sea doesn’t have to be boring. If swimming gets old and you don’t like just lying around on the beach and tanning, then you can try something a little more active. At the fair there will be plenty of experts to offer advice. And if you’ve never been on a yacht and wonder how your whole family or all your friends could fit, in pavilion F you will have a unique opportunity to take a tour. That’s because the Marais Company is bringing a sailboat. “We’re going to bring a Tango 780. This cabin sailboat is equipped with sleeping berths and a kitchen below deck. It’s ideal for our lakes, but can also sail at sea. It’s just the right size to accommodate two or three people for a week,” says Ondřej Labuda, passionate sailor and sailing trip organizer. At Marais they can plan sailing trips for you, mostly in Croatia, around the Greek islands and in the exotic Caribbean or the Seychelles. They can arrange a boat with a skipper, or without one if you dare. “Sailing trips can sometimes be cheaper than staying in apartments. We want to show that the sea is for everyone,” adds Labuda. Youth sport yachting clubs will be by the yacht and the Czech Yachting Association will even bring a yachting simulator. Here, you’ll find out what makes the Fireball category different. But aquatic sports aren’t just about boats. At the Brno Fair Grounds you will see demonstrations of freestyle paddleboarding by instructors from the Kiboko Company. They will also show you how you can practice yoga on the water. New models of these boards that are paddled while standing will be presented by MeatFly. And if you like to dive, then you won’t want to miss the divers from Free Dive World. They excel at free diving without masks and offer courses at various levels.

The first mobile via ferrata wall in the Czech Republic

Are you drawn by breathtaking views from mountain walls but don’t dare to attempt such a climb? Then first practice your skill on the unique mobile via ferrata wall 200m in length that will debut in the Czech Republic at the GO and  Regiontour 2018 fairs. We call it Ferrata Mountain, which is why we have a summit book at the top, so that everyone who makes it up the secured route can feel like a mountain climber at the very top of some peak,” says Tomáš Košut, executive of the V-tour travel agency. Via-ferratas are currently experiencing a boom, not only in the Alps, but each year new routes are created on Czech rock formations. Under the supervision of experienced professionals, you will get a taste of what it’s like to climb along a secured route. Just about anyone can try via ferratu, even children age 8 and up in special harnesses. Those who like to compete can test their skill in several disciplines and even win a via ferrata trip worth 3,200 CZK to Raxalpe in Austria or many other valuable prizes.

Snow tubing without the snow

The whole family will have fun with this special ramp you can sled on. Adults and children can stay warm and dry while tubing, normally a big attraction at mountain resorts. “You can set the ramp up in different configurations, in Brno it’ll be about twenty meters long,” says Lada Kelčová, sales manager of the PIM24 Company, which is providing the attraction. It’ll be like sledding in your backyard. You just wait for the next snow tube, climb the stairs and down the hill you go. The tubes and even snowboards and skis are able to slide on the “carpet” because of the special fabric surface, which is like very fine knitting. “You can edge on it without any problem, and it doesn’t need any maintenance or lubrication,” notes Kelčová.

Fun with science and Aqualand Moravia

Children can look forward to scientific attractions from the VIDA! science amusement park. They can also spin the wheel of fortune to win tickets to Aqualand Moravia in south Moravia, while at the CK Livingstone exhibit adults will “battle” for a trip to sunny Mauritius. Also taking place at the same time as the travel fairs is REGFOODFEST, a festival of regional specialties and foods that will even include tasting menus from ten luxurious Brno restaurants. And you also won’t want to miss the GO KAMERA travel festival. The many interesting speakers include popular traveler Ladislav Zibura and the theme of this year’s festival is East Africa.

Date: 11 Jan 2018 11:30:00