Czech Army celebrates 20 years of existence


An extensive exposition of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic are a traditional landmark of IDET, located in Hall P and the outdoor area in front of it. You can see the latest technology and equipment with which our military operates both at home and abroad, and possibilities of its use in the Integrated Rescue System are also introduced. Since the central theme focuses on the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the independent Army of the Czech Republic, this year’s exhibition offers a unique opportunity to compare technology, gear and equipment that Czech soldiers used in different stages.

Visitors can appreciate as the latest weapons, such as CZ 805 BREN assault rifle, which was brought into service in the Army in 2011, Glock and PHANTOM handguns or Minimi light machine gun, which is currently being introduced in service of virtually all the NATO countries. There is Pandur, the wheeled armoured vehicle in all its versions or Iveco light armoured vehicles, including its latest chemical version. The presentation of the 25th Missile Brigade from Strakonice includes an improved design of "3M9 Missile Emulator " – a device from the category of simulation technology whose mission is to mimic the activity of three 3M9 rockets in an anti-aircraft missile complex 2K12 KUB launcher. Its possible introduction into service of the ACR could contribute to the improvement of launcher operator training, partly replace the currently used training 3M9 UD ammunition and bring significant cost savings in training.