Foreign delegations on IDET 2013


Foreign delegations from 25 countries, invited by Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic and Chief of Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic, participated in the fair:

Country Head of Delegation HoD position

Slovakia Mr. Martin GLVÁČ Minister of Defence
Slovakia Peter VOJTEK Lieutenant General
Bosnia and Herzegovina MA Mirko Okolić Deputy Minister for Resource Management
Poland LTG (Ret.) Mr. Waldemar Skrzypczak Deputy Minister for Armament and Modernization
Pakistan MoD Rear Admiral Mukhtar Khan Additional secretary-III
Pakistan MoDP LTG (Ret.) Shahid Iqbal Secretary MoD Production
Lithuania Mr. Antanas Valys Vice-minister
Egypt MG GS Mohamed Saber Attia Ibrahim Deputy Minister
Georgia Zaza Broladze Deputy Minister
Bulgaria COL Stanimir Dimitrov Gueorguiev National Armaments Director
Slovakia Ing. Milan ČELKO National Armaments Director
Algeria MG BENBICHA Mohamed Salah Director of National Service
France COL Christian Helmstetter Chief of Office for Relation with European Countries
Slovenia Mr. Dolinar Damijan Head of Equipment Supplies
Sweden Mr. Peter Bager Rear Admiral (LH), Special Advisor, MoD
UAE Staff Brigadier Saeed Mubarak Bikheet Almashgrouni Director of the Defence Ministry´s Undersecretary´s office
Mexico GEN Arturo Solano Escobedo Military and Air Attaché for DEU and POL
Brazil Mr. Newton Santarossa Project Coordinator MoD
USA Mrs. Emily Clarke Senior analyst from DoD
Croatia LTC Alojz Matijašić Material section, Mod
Australia WC Nathan Christie
Montenegro Dragan SAMARDZIC Vice Admiral
Libya Yousef Mangoush Colonel General
Hungary Zoltán OROSZ Deputy Chief of General Staff - Lieutenant General
Serbia Dragan BORJAN Force Planning Section