IDET 2015 – new impulses for exhibitors and visitors


Preparations for the upcoming run of the International Fair of Defence and Security Technology IDET are in full swing. The most important export-promoting event for the Czech defence industry will be held on 19 – 21 May 2015, together with the International Fair of Fire and Security Technology and Services PYROS / ISET and the International Fair of Personal Protective Equipment, Health and Safety at Work, INTERPROTEC.

An opportunity for the Czech defence industry

The importance of IDET for domestic companies is clear from its pro-export orientation. Statistics speak for themselves – more than three-quarters of their production go abroad and have increased by 30% from the previous year. In terms of export destination, it is gratifying that the companies  are succeeding to place the goods not only on third markets (Southeast Asia ca. 20%, same as the Middle East), but also the demanding European and American markets – such as the challenging USA market which was a destination of ten percent of our exports. Export could be even bigger, but many orders did not materialize because the companies failed to find suitable export routes, where the transit countries would grant a transit license without problems. And that is the role of the fair – IDET must become a gateway to new markets and a new platform for cooperation and partnership. It is a truly international event, a meeting point of the defence and security industry of Central and Eastern Europe, of the new NATO member countries. Focus on the Czech and Slovak armies is obviously important. Domestic and foreign companies will exhibit, if they have the opportunity to showcase their products to potential buyers. The Ministry of Defence presented at the armament conference a new medium-term plan and the resulting major programmes with an outlook up to 2025; this plan should be sufficient reason for companies from different sectors to participate in the fair.

Quality visitors - a guarantee of business success

Patronage over IDET has been granted by the President of the Czech Republic, the Czech Prime Minister, the Minister of Defence, the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security of the Senate of Parliament, Chief of Staff of the Army, the Chief of Police, the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service, AOBP  and more. We are already contacting experts and delegates from this country and from abroad, particularly those from  NATO countries and the European Union. The planned participation of political leaders and experts responsible for acquisitions from the Czech Republic and abroad gives companies sufficient space for presentations of their portfolio and subsequent negotiations with representatives of ministries, the armed forces or the police and fire departments. For the visitors, the presence of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces is as important as the foreign military and ministerial delegations.

News at IDET 2015

After a four-year break, the Brno Exhibition Centre will again feature the demonstration polygon with the working title “IDET Arena”. The possibility to present their units and equipment to visitors will be given not only to the Czech Army, the Police and Fire Rescue departments, but also to the exhibitors. After a long time we also return to competition and awarding the best exhibits with the GOLDEN IDET. The supporting programme in cooperation with AFCEA will consist of conferences and seminars under the auspices of NATO and the EU, with the participation of leading specialists from around the world. Meetings at ministerial level within the V4 are planned not only at IDET, but also at the PYROS / ISET fairs. The University of Defence organizes their traditional CATE conference with significant international participation.

Looking back at 2013

IDET as one of the largest trade fairs of its kind in Europe was attended by 302 exhibitors from 26 countries. The PYROS / ISET fairs had 100 exhibiting companies from 18 countries and their offer was interesting not only for professionals, but also for voluntary firemen. The Brno Exhibition Centre was visited by 26 056 visitors. Two thirds of them were registered professionals, but interest in the exhibits was also shown by the general public who could explore IDET for the first time in history. There was traditionally a high interest from the foreign partners, exhibitors’ stands were visited by more than a thousand foreign visitors. At the invitation of the Minister of Defence, the fair was attended by twenty-five foreign military delegations and other military and air attachés from twenty countries. The Slovak delegation was headed by the Minister of Defence, other delegations were led by Deputy Ministers of Defence, state secretaries, Chiefs of Staff, National Armament Directors and other senior military leaders. Some 150 journalists from 10 countries registered in the Press Centre during the three days.