IDET ARENA: The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic


The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, like those of many other countries of Eastern Europe, have started the process of modernisation to enhance their military capability. An infantry fighting vehicle, also known as the „BVP“, represents one of the projects having been successfully completed. The BVP-M, which will be displayed at the International Defense Exhibition IDET 2019, is a modernised version of the BVP-2 infantry fighting vehicle originally equipped with the crew turret. The upgrade brings a remote-controlled TURRA 30 weapon station designed and manufactured by the Slovak defense industry.

The BVP-M features a 30 mm automatic cannon “2A42” enabling to deliver two different types of projectiles and having no need of recharging the belts. The secondary armament represents a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun. The vehicle enhancement also includes the addition of a “PTRK KONKURZ” double launcher which is designed to destroy armour targets. The TURRA 30 weapon station allows for detecting, tracking and hitting targets at day/night time and in adverse climatic conditions. For this purpose, the vehicle is provided with a commander´s panoramic observation system and a gunner´s fire control system.

During the planned dynamic demonstration the mechanized infantry squad embarked on the BVP-M will attempt to approach the object (target) in accordance with a tactical scenario.

The BVP-M infantry fighting vehicle approaches the object (target). Having reached the position it slows down and a heavy fire is being delivered on the object by the gunner to cover the mechanized infantry squad. After the squad have been unrolled into battle formation the BVP-M is employed to support them in providing heavy direct fires on a defending enemy. Subsequently, the formation advances with the goal of destroying the enemy and seizing control over the object. The objective (goal) has been reached. Having used the smoke to conceal its movement the mechanized infantry squad embark on the BVP-M under covering fire being provided. The BVP-M leaves the battleground.