There is great interest in the Scorpion at the Zbrojovka Czech Arms Factory exhibition stand


Traditionally, Czech arms factory Zbrojovka presents its exhibits at IDET in Hall P in a comprehensive range of the latest personal weapons for defence and security forces, and visitors may try some of them on the spot. Therefore, there are always  a lot of people at the exhibition, waiting to have a chance to take a gun in their hand.

Pavel Štrajt, weapons dealer for the Czech Republic, said that the interest is of course focused on the uncompromising CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1machine gun. The name Scorpion is inextricably linked to the original compact guns that the Czech arms factory used to produce for two decades, nearly 200,000 units for the needs of the Czechoslovak security and armed forces and for export. Engineers gradually fine-tuned these weapons to the present form. It is a light automatic individual weapon of 9x19 mm calibre that can fire single shots, three-shot loads and unlimited dose. The operator selects the shooting mode using a two-way lever on the side of the trigger case. The new Scorpion has a massive dynamic slide and a hammer percussion mechanism with an automatic firing safety block pin and can shoot from the front end position, which provides ideal conditions to achieve high accuracy. The cut-off is made of highly durable construction polymer. This material also forms the mounting on the forend cooler fitted barrel, trigger housing, pistol grip and a folding collapsible shoulder stock. This makes the weapon light, with a weight of 2.77 kg without cartridge. Tests have shown that the sophisticated design of the new Scorpion enables it to shoot 600 rounds in a row without any damage and also without the marksman having to wear gloves. Another advantage is that the gun can be handled even by an inexperienced user in a little while. Thanks to this the weapon aspires to the title of fastest gun disassembly and reassembly of the world.

This type of Scorpion boasts excellent ergonomics. In the era of modern design plastic and 3D modelling, shape design can do wonders and designers have fully used these options in this case. Consultations with members of elite military and security forces meant great help to them in this area. The new Scorpion fits perfectly in just about everyone’s hand because of it and also excels with a unique possibility of a partial horizontal shift of the pistol grip which can be individually adjusted. "Users of this weapon agree without exception that a shooter all will find all control elements just where one need them. In addition, the magazine catch is easily accessible from both sides and its design shape allows extra fast charging," Štrajt explained. A superb balance of the weapon is  also worth mentioning; it contributes to brisk targeting and perfect monitoring when shooting in all modes, including continuous doses. This type of Scorpion can be supplied with a wide variety of accessories on special request, such as an effective shot silencer, several types of lamps, laser markers, tactical handles, etc.

One of the best and most successful service weapons produced in Zbrojovka was undoubtedly the original Czechoslovak assault rifle, submachine gun model 58. At present, brand new series are produced, but they are successors to the legendary fifty-eight. In mid-November 2009, the Ministry of Defence called for the supply of assault rifles and carbines of 5,56x45 mm calibre NATO (with mounted grenade launchers, optical devices and ammunition), for a partial rearmament of the ACR. In just a half year, a contract was signed for the supply of 6 687 CZ 805 BREN A1 assault rifles and 1250 CZ 805 BREN A2 rifles, including accessories. BREN is an automatic individual handgun designed for aimed shooting at ground, lightly armoured and air targets with an effective range of 400 m (version A2) and up to 500 m (A1). It is capable of firing single shots, limited double-barrelled doses and a continuous dose. These weapons have a cold forged hammer barrel with a six-groove clockwise bore and a locked cut-off with a rotating bolt. CZ 805 BREN weapons are characterized by high modularity with the possibility of reconstruction in many configurations. For now, the most sophisticated version is the 5,56 x45 mm NATO calibre, which is available in three versions - assault or automatic rifle (A1), a weapon with shortened arms or a carabine (A2) and a light automatic sniper rifle with a longer barrel (A3). Its conversion to a light hand gun is potentially possible. Versions A1 and A2 have reached serial production, having successfully passed all tests. Interestingly, the manufacturers prescribe a life span of 20,000 rounds, the rifles are however able to easily attempt 50,000 shots. All versions of the BREN rifle are uniformly fitted with an ergonomic folding shoulder stock.

Another novelty from the Zbrojovka Czech arms factory, a multipurpose primarily mounted grenade launcher CZ 805 G1, 40x46 mm NATO calibre, is also part of a complete ensemble of CZ 805. A grenade launcher project was started at the end of 2007 and Zbrojovka received targeted support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic under the FI-IMPULS programme. Total development costs in the 2007 - 2010 period amounted to 6, 671 Million CZK, support from the state budget amounted to 2,014, Million CZK. A functional sample of this weapon was tested in March 2009 (a practice grenade amounts to 750 CZK, a sharp one to 2500 CZK). Serial production was started a year later. The first deliveries were made to the Ministry of Defence, which also ordered 397 grenade launchers - underslung weapons together with CZ 805 BREN rifles. The grenade launcher is a highly modern, simple and lightweight weapon designed to destroy armoured targets, manpower and military equipment located in an open field or in field type shelters.