TATRA military and fire engines at the security fairs


TATRA TRUCKS with their specials designed for military use and for the needs of fire departments participate in the International Fair of Defence Technology IDET and International Trade Fair of Fire and Safety Equipment PYROS / ISET.

Military equipment by TATRA TRUCKS in Hall P is traditionally represented by its "sevens series", this time in the form of T815-7 8x8 hook loader, and T815-7 with  4x4  Tatra chassis, air-cooled diesel engine with an output of 325 kW.

A standard vehicle series, unofficially known as "sevens" is designed to operate in extreme terrain and climatic conditions, to carry out and support peacekeeping missions and for deployment in combat conditions in wartime situations. The chassis of this type of vehicle is based on the concept of a rigid backbone tube with swinging and independently suspended half-axles.

There is also a heavy rescue vehicle for wheeled tactical resources T815-7, 8x8 Mammut, which visitors can see in the outdoor area in front of Hall P. The recovery vehicle is able to take care of all current and future tactical wheeled devices and transport them to the desired location. Moreover, it is equipped with a hydraulic HIAB crane arm, 44 tm with remote control. The crane has the most advanced control system on the mobile cranes market today. It reaches unrivalled speed, precision and safety. The recovery vehicle is also equipped with two main winches with constant tractive force of 24 tons, a 100m tow rope and an additional 2 ton winch with a 220 m rope. The front blade is removable, it can be used for engineering works such as digging trenches, building roads and removing obstacles. The high degree of mobility and the ultimate ability to overcome both artificial and natural obstacles in toughest terrain is given by an excellent chassis design with backbone frame and independently hinged and spring loaded shaft, known as the "TATRA vehicle concept."

IDET also saw the premiere of the new TATRA PHOENIX model. It is presented in the 6x6configuration, flatbed, in khaki shade as a "COTS vehicle". The COTS acronym, Commercial-off-the-shelf, is a designation for vehicles with minimal modifications compared to the series model, which means significant savings in both the purchase price and the operating costs savings for users in the logistics units. PHOENIX is a really heavy goods vehicle whose real domain is a reliable and efficient off-road ride. It is designed for the defence and military segment, primarily for use in military logistics. It has a rigid frame and independent axle suspension, which provides among other things ride speed and comfort in the field and stability.

For purposes of the Fire and Rescue Service there is a CAS 20 fire engine on TATRA PHOENIX chassis with 4x4 configuration, with a long crew cabin. Due to independent air-sprung axles, Tatra chassis allow these fire fighting specials high transport speeds in the field and on the road, providing high transport comfort for the crew and protecting expensive body extensions. The vehicle is equipped with a 13-litre Paccar MX engine with 265 kW output, 16-degree ZF manual gearbox, while there is also AS Tronic automated gearbox, TATRA 1.30 TR downward transfer with transmission coefficient of 1.28. The body, made ​​by extinguishing equipment factory in Polička is made of lightweight aluminium sections, carries a water tank with a capacity of 4,000 litres and a foam compound of 260 litres. THT fire fighting bodies of course include a quality pump with a rated flow of 3000 litres / min and a pressure of 1.0 MPa at low pressure extinguishing and 250 l / min and a pressure of 4.0 MPa for high-pressure extinguishing. Intervention operations are helped through the well-proven THTronic system for fire fighting body control, which allows comfortable and safe operation, the grouping of several tasks into one operation with and preventing of conflicting or dangerous action.

Another exhibit, a CAS 30 fire engine on TATRA 815-7 chassis, 6x6, with a Tatra air-cooled engine, transmission and downlink transfer of own production and superstructure with 9000 litre tank. Due to its overall height, the possibility to increase or decrease the clearance and wading depth of 1200 mm, the vehicle is suitable for the toughest field conditions and is therefore often used as a special vehicle for forest fires. The chassis is equipped with a direct air-cooled TATRA forked eight-cylinder with maximum power of 325 kW/442k of Euro 5 SCR emission specification. It benefits from standard, high-value properties of a backbone frame, independently suspended and pneumatically sprung half-axles and a low, modern cabin. The Tatra vehicle concept allows completion without the use of intermediate auxiliary frame. The result is a low centre of gravity of the tank fire engine, excellent driveability both in rough terrain and on the road with a good accessibility to the vehicle without boarding platforms.