IDET NEWS 2013 awards the best exhibits


An international journalists jury selected outstanding products in the IDET exhibition space, which were awarded the prestigious traditional IDET NEWS prize. The winners of this year's edition were selected through choices of professional journalists from abroad and the entire jury was headed by colonel Jörg Aschenbrenner, Austrian Truppendienst editor and ex-president of the European Military Press Association EMPA, which brings together more than forty defence ministry magazines of EU countries.

Prestigious Gold IDET NEWS 2013 awards were presented to:

DAJBYCH, s.r.o.

Nomenclature: Light all-terrain Vehicles

Product name:  WMIK Rapid Deployment Vehicle Demonstrator 3,5T GVW
Rapid Deployment Vehicle Demonstrator 3.5T GVW on platform Land Rover Defender 110 is a modul platform for equipment and weapons based on the standard heavy duty Defender 90 or 110 General Service vehicles. It is a tough , flexible and exceptionally mobile platform specifically designed to meet the increasingly important border patrol, short or long range missions, peacekeeping support, humanitarian and refugee protection operations that face the world`s defence forces. Developed jointly with Ricardo Vehicle Engineering , it has seen active service in several troublespots around the globe.

KARBOX s.r.o.

Nomenclature: Logistics Support

Product name: Modular Field Hospital
Modular Field Hospital consists of 26 ISO 1C containers. The Central Corridor including Patient Ward and Emergency Room connected to it are assembled of FLATPACKs, i.e. containers, which are folded for transport and transported as set of 4 containers on each other, which has dimensions of ISO 1C container. Due to the used FLATPACK, the whole Field Hospital is transported only in 18 containers. Other various medical professions – a GP consulting room, dental surgery, laboratory, X-Ray room, as well as pharmacy, stores, staff room etc.. Modularity of the complex enables to connect further containerized medical and/or logistic facilities.

S.P.M. Liberec s.r.o.

Nomenclature: Personal Equipment

Product name: SPM US 2013
The New Universal Modular Load-Carrying System SPM US 2013 consists of several modular components that allow the Soldier to carry tactical combat gear in the most effective manner for lethality and survivability on the battlefield. Main advantage of this new system is compatibility consisting in the possibility attaching various types of pouches with different systems of fixing. System of the webbing allows for attachment of any MOLLE, MNS, NPP and different systems pouches that a Soldier's kit may need. This system can be used by all military and police units of the NATO and EU.


Nomenclature: Optoelectronic

Product name: Night vision monocular MU3M
It is the lightest product of its kind in the world today. It has the most advanced technological solutions for ground and special forces. It can be used for a soldier’s individual up to long distance observation.

SVOS, spol. s r.o., Přelouč

Nomenclature: Multi-purpose Armoured Vehicle

Product name: VEGA
VEGA „Multi-purpose Armoured Vehicle” combines excellent mobility in a heavy-terrain along with a high level of mine and all-round crew ballistic protection. A monocoque steel cab and body together with the modular armour provides the highest level of ballistic and explosive protection according to STANAG 4569. The modules of the appliqué armour allow for simple attachment of slat armour as well as active and re-active protection system.

ERA a.s.

Nomenclature: Passive Surveillance Systems

Product name: Silent Guard
Silent Guard - mobile demonstrator of passive surveillance systems
New ERA's mobile demonstrator called Silent Guard is one of the key milestones in MSPSR (Multi-Static Primary Surveillance Radar) development project. It demonstrates the usage of PCL (Passive Coherent Location) principles, which provide surveillance of non-emitting and non-cooperative flying targets, without being seen. It utilises circular array antenna and commercial FM radio transmitters as illuminators of opportunity in order to detect and track airborne targets. It is ease to collocate VERA-NG system with CPS (Central Processing Station) due to shared software components and UMM (Universal Military Module) within demonstrator and therefore provide unique PET-PCL (Passive ESM Tracker – Passive Coherent Location) system. Implementation of PCL and VERA-NG in Silent Guard demonstrator creates working combination of passive surveillance system PET-PCL   - the 1st in the world.

ELDIS Pardubice s.r.o.

Nomenclature: Radiolocating Systems

Product name: Radar PAR-E
Precision Approach Radar PAR-E is designed to support the approach and landing control of various aircraft including the emergency landing due to avionics failure. The radar utilizes an active electronic scanning antenna (AESA) both in the azimuth and the elevation level. The radar is particularly important in situations when the pilot has limited outlook (because of fog, rain, etc.). In such situation, the radar has to provide an approach controller with as high radar display quality.

MSM Martin s.r.o. – Slovak republic

Nomenclature: Weapons and Ammunition

Product name: Mobile Technological Line for Destruction of Ammunition
Mobile technological line for destruction of ammunition
MSM Martin Ltd, designed and produce mobile technological line for destruction of ammunition to destroy ammunition, which becomes redundant, or ending life. Ammunition is at the end of the process dismantled for parts that can be used for processing of secondary raw materials. The whole process ensures ecological disposal ammunition.

Gold prize of IDET NEWS

Nomenclature: Infantry Fighting Vehicles

The prize was awarded to company:

EXCALIBUR ARMY spol. s r.o. – Czech Republic

VOP Trenčín, a.s. and EVPÚ a.s., Nová Dubnica – Slovak Republic


Product name: BVP-M2 SKCZ
BVP-M2 SKCZ Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a joint project of Czech and Slovak companies - Excalibur Army, VOP Trenčín and EVPÚ Nová Dubnica. On the Slovak side, the project leaders are VOP Trenčín as the project owner and EVPÚ Nová Dubnica as the designer and manufacturer of the remote-controlled weapon station. The Czech leader is Excalibur Army spol. s r.o. as the owner of the BVP/BMP upgrade project.An international journalist jury also awarded the company Excalibur Army for the most interesting exhibition.

The ceremony took place at the stand of the MS Line publishing house in the presence of notable representatives of the Ministry of Defence and Defence Industry, headed by Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic Vlastimil Picek, Ministry of Defence of the Slovakia Martin Glváč, president of AOBP Jiří Hynek, Senator Tomá š Kladívko, CFO of Police Presidium colonel Tomáš Rychtar and Defence and Air Attaché Deputy of Russian Federation colonel Oleg Smirnov.