A prestigious expert meeting


Every edition of IDET always includes the supporting programme, where defence technology specialists discuss current topics. A key event will again consist of the three-day CATE international conference (Community-Army-Technology-Environment) organized by the University of Defence in Brno. It is a set of six prestigious conferences, which was attended by nearly a thousand specialists from Europe and overseas two years ago. International Conference on Military Technologies - ICMT 2013 is the title of an international conference of leading experts in the field of military technology, who will discuss new trends in specialized sections.

The Security and Protection of Information 2013 Conference will include the participation of Jason R.C. Nurse from Oxford University and will mainly focus on security policy, development and application of security standards, risk management solutions, security of mobile devices, etc. The aim of the Logistics and Ecology in the Armed Forces conference is a presentation of results of scientific research and development in the field of logistics and ecology in military conditions. The two-day conference on Distance Learning, Simulation and Communication - DLSC 2013 will focus on new trends in training of military professionals, the use of computer modelling and simulation in the process of command and control and the development of communication systems.

The Security and Risk Management Conference deals with risk management, intervention, recovery and security of the environment in regional, national and transnational systems of protecting people, property and the environment. CATE will also include an Army and Knowledge Society conference which will discuss the basic principles and tasks of the setting up a  national defence system and recap the main tasks of the armed forces.

Experts’ attention of will certainly not miss the ITTE Conference 2013 dealing with defence against cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure. The purpose of ITTE 2013 is to demonstrate defence against external and internal attacks on critical infrastructure such as public institutions, energy companies, etc. A one-day meeting with parallel specialized workshops is organized by the Czech branch of AFCEA with the aim of highlighting the problem, defining basic needs and opening a discussion among professionals.