As a part of TTC Holding, TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE develops control, monitoring and dispatch systems that incorporate specialised radio resources to transfer data, voice and HD video from response teams and mobile vehicles to the location where emergency or military operation commands are located. By employing several different radio nodes, it is thus possible to instantly transmit voice, data and HD video even from locations where the propagation of radio waves is problematic (reinforced concrete buildings, mountain passes, tunnels, cellars, underground parking garages etc.).

The MCU30/MCU200 Mobilicom SDR system with 4G Mobile-MESH technology is a progressive solution that provides Ad-Hoc networks that are suitable for making operational and fast connections in the field under dynamically changing radio reception conditions. The networks are able, on their own, to make automatic modifications to network topology in order to optimise connectivity (self-organising, self-healing) depending on the current location of moving target stations up to the speed of 800 km/h. |

PAV P 097