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International Security Technology and Services Fair

Supporting programme at IDET, PYROS, ISET trade fairs 2017


Security experts from many countries are heading to Brno to attend prestigious conferences; their programme is particularly busy this year. The Brno University of Defence traditionally organizes the CATE (Community-Army-Technology-Environment) conferences with four sub-conferences on Military Technology – ICMT 2017; Distant Learning, Simulation and Communication – DLSC 2017; Security and Protection of Classified Information, and Logistics in the Armed Forces – More Efficient Operation of Military Bases in Future Operations.

The SECURITY TRENDS opening conference of last year’s IDET is followed up by the Cybernetic Pavilion in Hall P. There will be, for example, the final of a secondary school cyber security competition, a public hacking competition, lectures, debates and so-called Life Hacking. "The Cyber Pavilion responds to current security issues. The aim is to prepare a new concept of presenting modern trends and solutions in the area of cybernetic and information security for new partners, exhibitors, professionals and the general public, as well as introduce cyber security as part of a modern society dependent on information and communication technologies," says Petr Jirásek, Regional Vice President of AFCEA International for Central and Eastern Europe. The Cybernetics Pavilion will feature presentations of a number of state, academic and private institutions. National bodies will for example include the National Centre for Cyber Security (NCKB) or the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. Academic institutions such as Masaryk University in Brno, the University of Defence of the Czech Republic or the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague will also be there. Private companies that must be mentioned include the general partner of the cybernetic pavilion, CyberGym Europe, who operates a modern cybernetic arena in the Czech Republic.

Two hundred representatives of municipal police units from the Visegrad Four countries will discuss migration, international cooperation, cyber security, legislation and modern technologies at the International Conference of Municipal Police of the Visegrad Four Countries. It will take place during the international security fairs IDET, PYROS and ISET as official supporting programme to commemorate the anniversary of 25 years since the renewal of municipal police. The conference is held on 31 May and discussion is divided into three thematic sections where Czech and foreign experts will exchange their experience and discuss current topics related to the activities of local and municipal police. "The first section will deal with migration issues, international cooperation and epidemiological risks related to migration and their possible prevention," said Daniel Bednařík, director of FT Technologies, who organizes the international conference. In the second section, the speakers will focus on cyber security issues in public administration or data protection, and will also inform conference attendees about new legal challenges in cybersecurity. The final section will focus on current legislation related to the work of city and municipal police officers. "Participation in this panel was confirmed by two most experienced experts. Chief Inspector of the Slovak Office for the Protection of Personal Data Tatiana Valentová, and Milena Bačkovská from the Security Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic ", adds Daniel Bednařík. The conference also includes a visit to the security fairs themselves, located in several halls of the Brno Exhibition Centre and in the outdoor areas. An attractive programme of the IDET ARENA field polygon will also be available, featuring dynamic demonstrations of military, fire and police vehicles.

The International Conference of Municipal Police of the Visegrad Four countries is organized by FT Technologies, a leader in the Czech IT market for city and municipal police. "We consider the organization of the conference an added value, a kind of duty towards our partners –it is primarily not a commercial project, but a professional and above all a friendly exchange of experience," concludes Bednařík. As is clear from last year's reactions, not only the organizers but also the participants themselves see it this way. The conference is intended for commanders and directors of local and municipal police, mayors and representatives of local governments, partner organizations and representatives of the integrated system from the Czech Republic and abroad. The first year took place last June at a military shooting range in Bzenec and more than two hundred participants from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia took part in it. The organizers expect such participation this year as well.


The PYROMEETING conference will be included in the supporting programme of this year's IDET, PYROS and ISET trade fairs held at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 31 May to 3 June 2017. The conference will be held on 1 June 2017 at the Hotel Continental in Brno. The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka, was asked to grant his patronage to the conference and hold the opening speech. This year's conference will focus on the 25th anniversary of the Integrated Rescue System. It should not only look back and review, but present the emergence, current state and development trends of the basic components of the IRS in synergy with common rescue and liquidation deployment. The programme will include speeches by representatives of some important other units of the Integrated Rescue System, which have long-term cooperation with the Czech Fire Brigade, such as the Czech Red Cross Water Rescue Service, Municipal Police of the City of Prague and the State Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection. The programme will also focus on emergencies involving the occurrence of hazardous substances, development of operational and information centres and training of commanders and leaders of the Integrated Rescue System. The conference is intended only for participants who will receive an invitation from its organizer, the Ministry of Interior – the General Directorate of the Czech Fire Brigade.

Legiotrain at IDET

An attractive excursion in history will be prepared on the rail track outside Hall F. IDET will present three Legiotrain cars and a crew with a legionary database. Every visitor can thus find out if they had a legionnaire among their ancestors. Thanks to the abundant attendance where just last year, Legiotrain was visited by nearly 200 000 people, the database succeeds in adding photos, documents, memories and material items from people’s estates. Since the train’s departure in 2015, some 2500 legionary cards have been completed. This year’s display will particularly involve a tailor's car where repairing old or sewing new uniforms took place for our foreign army in Russia; a blacksmith car that was the only one of this train was involved in combat. Up to now, you can find a shot and a few smaller traces of small firearms on the black roof beams. The last car of the set will be a postal ambulance car. Using these wagons, Czechoslovak post was transported on the Trans-Siberian Railway for legionaries and allied soldiers from 1918 to 1920. The original ambulances were modified from freight wagons that previously carried flour, coal or lime.


Demonstrations of army, fire and police vehicles and special components on the field polygon will also be a real attraction. Visitors can look forward to e.g. demonstration rides of vehicles, canine and mounted police units and the Municipal Police public order units, dynamic demonstrations of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic (escort attacks, vehicle intervention, intervention using a dog and Kraken), dynamic demonstrations of the Police of the Czech Republic using technical equipment, intervention of a mounted police unit, demonstration of the Brno Intervention Unit), drone flight demonstrations, IRS units and much more.

Date: 4 May 2017 15:42:00