24.-27.5. 2023

International Security Technology and Services Fair

IDET ARENA: University of Defence


The University of Defence offers education in accredited courses in Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degree programmes focused on military, military management, economy, engineering and health and medicine. Besides, it is a lifelong learning centre carrying out the non-accredited ultimate defence qualification courses intended for senior officers. The school is open to civilian and international students, too. The University of Defence belongs to the national university education system providing its graduates with education comparable to what they could learn at a civilian university in the Czech Republic.

The University of Defence primarily educates military professionals and experts to work for national security and defence systems as requested by the Army, government administration and obligation to other democratic countries. The process is based on the latest knowledge of defence, research and development at both national and international levels and internal research. The University orients studies to provide for wide and general graduate profiles for their better adaptability and career promotion under variable military conditions. The versatility of the education allows graduates to enter their civilian-life careers when they leave the Army of the Czech Republic.

These demonstrations will be presented

Demonstration will be conducted by students of two faculties of the University of Defence (Faculty of Military Leadership and Faculty of Military Technology) - members of the selective interest group COMMANDOS.

Demonstration will be present a mobile patrol in an unstable area of operation. The patrol will be forced to a short halt due to damage of vehicle. The enemy element will use this situation to provide small arm fires against own unit. Patrol commander will ensure all round defence and destroying all enemy units. After that logistic assets will provide long range analysis defectation. Finally patrol continues and provides all combat tasks according to a plan.

Date: 8 May 2019 16:00:00