24.-27.5. 2023

International Security Technology and Services Fair

IDET ARENA: Prison Service of the Czech Republic


The mission of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic is to ensure the execution of custody, imprisonment and security and order in court buildings. Prison Service manages and guards prisons and detention centers. It also guards, shows off and escorts prisoners. Other tasks include research in penology, the results of which are applied in practice.

These demonstrations will be presented

Assault on High Security Escort - A high security escort of one armoured vehicle and two backup vehicles is on the way to a court proceeding or to a hospital. The escort arrives at the destination. When the guards with the escorted prisoner get off the vehicle they get attacked by a group of offenders who want to rescue the prisoner. The guards react with covering fire and get the prisoner back to the escort vehicle. This vehicle along with part of team then departs.   The rest of the team takes action against the offenders and terminates their attack, detains the offenders and secures the crime scene.

Prison Escape - Prisoners manage to escape from a prison. After getting over the prison fence they get to a road where companions await them in a car. Meanwhile a task force sets out to catch them. They have full intel on the offenders and their car which is being monitored. They catch them up and proceed with an intervention on the vehicle. The offenders resist but are eventually captured, searched and detained, the vehicle is searched. The offenders are loaded into an escort vehicle and depart.

Date: 8 May 2019 16:10:00