Police Presidium of the Czech Republic – The Police of the Czech Republic

Hall F 037, Outside area 001, 002


Police Presidium of the Czech Republic in co-operation with the Regional Police Directorate of the South Moravian Region provide the presentation on the Police of the Czech Republic for the 13th International Defense and Security Technologies Fair.

The Police of the Czech Republic besides the presentation of new uniforms, weapons and new coercive means will introduce also the modernized car fleet used by the riot and traffic police forces. The special motor vehicles will be showed as well as the aviation engineering.

The special motor vehicle of police divers Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 with diving material.

The presented motor vehicle in this design does not exist in any other place in the world. It is constructed in a way to enable the performance of demanding diving activities in the maximum extent. The front-end diving equipment in this vehicle is located in the separate part behind a partition. Thus we can find in this special area among others the equipment for a work in a contaminated environment, an underwater scooter or devices for an environmental analysis, including a possible presence of carbon monooxid or methane.

Another presented motor vehicle is the Mobile Monitoring Centre. It is a specially equipped car Mercedes Sprinter, which has a top monitoring and recording technology. It hides inside several types of cameras both extensible on telescopic sticks and mobile ones, which could be located into the terrain during the action. Together they provide a comprehensive picture of the situation according to the needs of the police officers. All cameras are able to transfer data to a second car of the staff commander of the action to enable him/her to have on-line information on the current situation.

We shall introduce also motor vehicles used by the special riot units also for the transportation of police officers during security measures in the territory of the Czech Republic.