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International Sales Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils, Jewels and Natural Products

MINERALS BRNO November 2013 - Final Report


In the autumn of 2013, MINERALS BRNO welcomed its 29th edition. Over the years, this exhibition has developed from a several-hour Saturday collectors‘ fair into a two-day exhibition which is one of the largest events of this kind in the Czech Republic. MINERALS BRNO have become a meeting point for collectors, sales opportunities for the general public as well as an awareness raising event dedicated to minerals, precious stones and geology.

Basic statistics

Record-breaking number of exhibitors

The 29th exhibition Minerals Brno (16th – 17th November 2013) was attended by a total of 199 exhibitors, which is the highest number over the existence of the fair. The largest number of exhibitors arrived from the Czech Republic (148), there was also a large number of exhibitors from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Germany, some exhibitors came from Italy, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria. The total number of foreign exhibitors was 51.





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Exhibition space

This year, the November Minerals Brno exhibition took place again in Hall B.


The November Minerals Brno exhibition was visited by 4,912 paying visitors.

Free admission tickets were also distributed, and these were used by 2,031 visitors.

 The exhibition was attended by a total of 6,943 visitors.

 The range of products on display included jewels, precious stones, minerals and collectors‘ stones, natural products, fossils, decoration and home accessories. Other items to buy included specialist literature and other mineralogical and geological gear.

 Exhibition specialisation and supporting programme

The conception of the Minerals Brno exhibition keeps defining the specialised orientation of the exhibition. This was mainly enabled by all the supporting activities– the exhibition dedicated to the most interesting localities in Slovakia and the prize competition for visitors. We wish to thank RNDr. Luďek Kráčmar, Radek Votava, the company e-gems.eu, Jan Čermák, Lukái Křesin, Jan Hovorka and Petr Magdík for taking part in the preparation of the specialist exhibition and for lending exhibits from their collections for the supporting exhibition. Thus, the visitors had a chance to see the variety of Slovak minerals. The he exhibition dedicated to the most interesting localities in Slovakia was complemented by an exhibition of fluorites, chalcedonies and dolomites on loan from the collection of Petr Magdík.


 Prize competition for the visitors

Thanks to the provided prizes, the visitors showed a great interest in the competition. A total of 43 prize winners were drawn from the correct answers. The organisers wish to thank all exhibitors who provided the prizes: RNDr. Luďek Kráčmar, Petr Zajíček from TOP GEO, Jan Kynický from TOP MINERALS, Edita Luklová, Gerda Odehnalová, Monika Tóthová, Petr Mošna, Rudolf Staňek, Michael Plecitý, Alena Horká, Miloš Ferdus, Richard Blížkovský, Josef Podhajský and Golden Spring.


MINERALS BRNO in 2014 in two editions

The MINERALS BRNO exhibition on the renewed spring date has proved successful and the exhibition will thus continue to be held twice a year in the years to come.

 May 2014

The 30th edition of the MINERALS BRNO exhibition will take place between 24th - 25th May 2014 in Hall B at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

 The MINERALS BRNO exhibition will take place in May without a supporting programme.

 November 2014

The 31st edition of the MINERALS BRNO exhibition will take place between 15th - 16th November 2014.

During the November edition, the Minerals Brno 2014 exhibition will include again a supporting programme consisting of a supporting exhibition.

 We look forward to seeing you in May 2014 at the 30th edition of MINERALS BRNO, which will take place between 24th – 25th May 2014 in Hall B at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

 MINERÁLY BRNO listopad 2013  MINERÁLY BRNO listopad 2013

   MINERÁLY BRNO listopad 2013


MINERÁLY BRNO listopad 2013   MINERÁLY BRNO listopad 2013















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