A significant number of exhibitors have registered for the MINERALS BRNO exhibition to be held this autumn

Over 90 exhibitors have already registered for the 29th MINERALS BRNO exhibition.


29th annual edition of the MINERALS BRNO exhibition will take place on 16 and 17 November this year; exhibitiors have already shown great interest to participate in the exhibition. 90 exhibitors have registered so far, most of them coming from the Czech Republic, but also from six other countries. There are also new companies among the exhibitors that have not attended before. A part of the supporting programme will once again be a visitors' competition for prizes and a sideline exhibition dedicated to the most interesting sites of Slovakia. 

 The MINERALS BRNO exhibition will be located in Hall B of the Brno Exhibition Centre.

MINERÁLY BRNO květen 2013    MINERÁLY BRNO květen 2013

MINERÁLY BRNO květen 2013