Piaggio MP3: When you don't need a motorcycle driver's license!

Piaggio MP3:

When you don't need a driver's license for a motorcycle!

You will find a wide range of three-wheeled vehicles on the current market, but the Italian brand Piaggio undoubtedly has the greatest experience with their development and production. She was the first to dare to launch Luciano Marabese's revolutionary invention into series production and thus give life to the revolutionary prototype of a three-wheeled scooter with front-wheel tilt. The bet on this revolutionary patent soon proved to be a great strategic move, which was copied by other manufacturers. In the first five years, more than 100,000 tricycles with the MP3 label were sold, and to date more than 180,000 have left the stores.

Piaggio MP3 500 HPE ABS SPORT

There are several reasons for such success. From the point of view of most current and potential owners, the main paradoxically is the rear brake pedal and the front wheel track. Yes, you read that right: thanks to the fact that the front wheels are more than 465 mm apart and the pedal on the right side of the floor activates all three disc brakes, this scooter is in the LE category, and you only need to have a group B driver's license to drive it. With this, you can sit on a single-track scooter, but only in a volume of up to 125 cm 3 , while the tricycle's engine power is not limited, and with a "flat" driver's license, you can legally saddle even the strongest model of the MP3 series . However, you will not be on the highway with the brake of traffic even with the more affordable model MP3 300, which is currently on sale for 169,000 CZK, and whose new HPE engine with 26 horsepower can accelerate to the limit of domestic highways at a very brisk pace, as well as let the scooter disappear as the first one. Thus, while the fifth wheel of a car has always been a symbol of redundancy, in the case of motorcycles and scooters, one additional wheel has the exact opposite effect.

You don't have to worry about the temperamental expression of Piaggia MP3 at all. In addition to the three wheels, a whole army of assistance systems, led by electronic traction control, ensures safe driving when the rear wheel slips when you overtake it on a slippery surface with gas. The three-channel ABS, in turn, makes sure that the disc brakes do not skid the wheels during emergency braking. In short, safety is taken care of from all sides, and in addition to not having to linger in traffic, the journey to work on MP3 is reminiscent of driving a luxury car. Unlike a classic scooter, you don't have to put your feet on the ground every time you stop at a traffic light - just press the button to lock the front wheel's tilting system, and your shiny ankle boots will stay clean even if you just took a shower. Upon arrival at work or for a meeting, you will certainly appreciate the additional advantage of locking the front wheels; when parking, it replaces placing the scooter on a stand, thus saving effort and time. Thanks to the PIAGGIO MIA multimedia platform, there is no danger of missing an important call on the way, and there is more than enough storage space for a briefcase or helmet under the saddle. And if you have your MP3 retrofitted with a winter set, including heated handles and a saddle plus an insulated foot cover, you can replace the annoying commuting with a fun and faster way of transport all year round. The tricycle doesn't slip right on the snow right away.