ROYAL ENFIELD introduces the new Euro 5 Himalayan


with tripper navigation, with functional upgrades, switchable abs and three new colors

  • We present the new Euro 5 Himalayan in Europe and the United Kingdom
  • Three new colors - Mirage Silver, Pine Green and New Granite Black
  • As standard, all Euro 5 Himalayan will have Royal Enfield Tripper navigation - a simple and intuitive turn-by-turn navigation panel - detachable ABS brakes, 3 year warranty and assistance service
  • The new Euro 5 boasts a number of functional improvements and is the most advanced Himalayan ever
  • The price of the new Euro 5 Himalayan starts from CZK 128,990 (one color tone) up to CZK 130,990 (two color tones)


London, 11 February 2021

Royal Enfield, the world leader in medium-sized motorcycles (250 cc - 750 cc), today announced the launch of the new Euro 5 Himalayan across Europe and the UK in three new characteristic terrain-inspired colors, along with a number of other upgrades to the model. The versatile motorcycle for adventure travel will now be available in New Granite Black (a combination of matte and gloss), Mirage Silver, Pine Green, in addition to the existing Rock Red, Lake Blue and Gravel Gray colors. The new Euro 5 Himalayan will feature the Royal Enfield Tripper, real-time turn-by-turn navigation created with the Google Maps platform and paired via the Royal Enfield app with the rider's smartphone. The Euro 5 also comes with a switchable ABS for the rear brake, giving each rider additional performance options depending on their own requirements and preferences. Disabling the ABS system locks the rear wheel and allows the rider to drift while off-road, making off-road travel and off-road travel even more fun and exciting. With an emphasis on rider safety, the new Euro 5 Himalayan is also equipped with a safety warning light switch that warns other riders in its vicinity in the event of a sudden stop. All new Euro 5 Himalayan will come standard with a 3-year warranty and roadside assistance.

Commenting on the new Himalayan models, Vinod K. Dasari, CEO, Royal Enfield said: “In just a short period of just 5 years, Royal Enfield Himalayan has opened a new category in global adventure travel, successfully established itself as a truly global motorcycle and one of the most sought after models. Royal Enfield in several markets .. "

"The original 2016 Himalayan model was the first category and was a very versatile and accessible motorcycle. Over the years, together with feedback from our riding community, we have constantly developed the Himalayan design, functionality and improved overall riding experience. It resonated very well with great The number of adventure travel enthusiasts around the world who now have a choice of new options.

The Euro 5 model boasts an improved seat that allows riders to enjoy a longer time with even greater comfort. The redesigned front shield provides improved wind direction, leading to a more relaxed experience on longer road journeys. The rear carrier is now equipped with an additional plate that ensures the secure attachment and placement of any luggage. In addition, the rear carrier is now reduced in height, making it easier for riders to mount to the motorcycle. With the new and slim ergonomically adjusted front protective frame, the rider faces minimal interference around his feet while riding, which improves the overall riding setup of the motorcycle.

Introduced to create a separate subcategory within adventure trips, Himalayn has been very successful and has a growing community of motorcycle travelers around the world. Purposefully and practical, the Himalayan debuted in 2016 and over the past 5 years defiantly won its own place in the medium-sized adventure travel market with a focus on accessibility for all riders.

The Himalayan, simple, capable and "wherever it goes" motorcycle was inspired by the experience of Royal Enfield for more than 50 years of riding across the Himalayas. Thanks to its versatility, isolated simplicity and focus on cleanliness, Himalayan has gained cult status from riders as well as global motorcycle experts. Today, the Himalayan is recognized as a truly capable adventurous touring motorcycle, featured on the covers of the world's leading motorcycle magazines and is one of the leading Royal Enfield motorcycles sold in all world markets.

The prices of the new Euro 5 Himalayan series are as follows:
One color tone - 128 990, - CZK (Granite Black and Gravel Gray)
Two colored tones - 130 990, - CZK (Pine Green, Mirage Silver, Rock Red & Lake Blue))


About the Royal Enfield brand

Royal Enfield, the oldest brand of motorcycles in continuous production, has created beautifully crafted motorcycles since 1901 and is proud to celebrate its 120th anniversary this year. Based on its British roots, a manufacturing plant was established in modern Chennai in 1955, a fulcrum from which Royal Enfield led the growth of India's mid-size single-track vehicle segment. Royal Enfield motorcycles are eye-catching, straightforward, accessible and fun to ride; a machine created for exploratory expeditions and self-expression. It's an approach that the brand calls Pure Motorcycling.

The Royal Enfield premium line includes the all-new Meteor 350, the twins Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, the adventurous traveler Himalayan and the iconic singles Bullet and Classic. The passionate community of riders is connected with a diverse and engaging program of annual events at the local, regional and international levels. Most notable are Rider Mania, the annual gathering of thousands of Royal Enfield enthusiasts in Goa and the Himalayan Odyssey, the annual pilgrimage through the most difficult terrain and the highest mountain passes.

Royal Enfield, a division of Eicher Motors Limited, continues to strengthen its position as a world leader in the medium-sized motorcycle market. The company's two state-of-the-art production facilities, located in Oragadam and Vallam Vadagalu near Chennai, are central to the brand's sustainable growth. In addition, Royal Enfield's recent investment in two global technical centers, Bruntingthorpe in the UK and Chennai, India, has ensured that the brand is ready for further expansion and product development for many more decades. With more than 17% year-on-year growth over the last 5 years and sales on international markets of up to 96% in 2019-20. This impressive Royal Enfield trajectory will continue.