Royal Enfield presents Riders Club of Europe

Royal Enfield presents "Riders Club of Europe"

A new pan-European platform designed to build relationships with the community and share brand experiences


London, 4 February 2021

Royal Enfield announces the launch of its brand new Riders Club of Europe , a community, single point of contact for all current and future Royal Enfield riders, embodying all aspects of the Royal Enfield "Pure Motorcycling" ethos. 

At the heart of the club will be a busy program of joint rides, brand experiences and demonstration events that will seek to build a strong community across Europe, dedicated and accessible to all Royal Enfield riders.

Arun Gopal, EMEA Sales Manager, said: At Royal Enfield, we focus on our drivers - they are the real ambassadors of the brand. For everything we do as a society; From the motorcycles we develop to the entire ecosystem of the brand, which we carefully modify, the end rider is at the heart of our thinking.

We appreciate that riders come in many forms and different forms; purists, adventurous tourists, retro bike enthusiasts or everyday commuters looking for self-sufficiency and comfort. But what unites them all is the desire to get off and ride. We love motorcycles in their purest form; it binds us and shapes us. We welcome everyone in our world. We are excited to be able to write another chapter in Royal Enfield's enduring story, and we imagine that the "Riders Club of Europe" will be an integral part of it for many years to come. " 

Among the features and benefits of "Riders Club of Europe"
will include:

  • Specialized calendar of local rides, community meetings and exclusive member events organized by each official branch of the riders' club. In keeping with the ethos of the Royal Enfield brand, a strong focus will be placed on developing unforgettable experiences that go beyond simply spending time on a motorcycle - carefully selected routes, goals and memories will be the three central pillars of these rides and activities.
  • Focus on "Driving with a Message" - Strong emphasis will be placed on involving local citizens in order to raise awareness and support key charitable partnerships across Europe. The annual Royal Enfield "One Ride" will be the focal point of this activity and will bring together brand enthusiasts from all over the world for a day of local charity rides, traditionally the first Sunday in April.
  • Exclusive hospitality of events for all members of the Riders Club at selected business events and activities of the brand throughout Europe, as well as visits to showrooms with new models.
  • Direct access to all activities organized by carefully selected Royal Enfield experience partners - including national and international tours and rentals, one-day or multi-day training days and unique rides and events.
  • Membership in the "Riders Club of Europe" will be completely free for the first year for all existing and new owners of Royal Enfield motorcycles. A welcome gift will also be given to all new riders to celebrate membership of the "Riders Club of Europe".

From April 1, the "Riders Club of Europe" will be fully operational and it will be possible to browse the schedule of Covid-19 compliant activities on the calendar. From this date, all Royal Enfield motorcycle owners will be able to activate their official membership in the "Riders Club of Europe", select the specific "Riders Club of Europe" branch to which they wish to be affiliated and fill in their own personal rider profile. The selected branch will act as the local base of each rider for the activities of the riders' club, in addition, each member will be able to use the entire calendar of rides and events throughout the European region.

Before the official launch of the "Riders Club of Europe", all existing owners will be able to pre-book their membership at the email address . At the same time, all new owners will automatically have the opportunity to be registered at the time of purchase with their dealer. From April 1, the Czech version of the website will be available.

After a year of so many people feeling isolated, Royal Enfield is trying to put community building at the forefront of its plans - but it remains committed to providing an engaging and full brand experience to all riders.