Business Day of the Russian Federation


"We need a pragmatic, open and frequent communication with the Russian Federation," said Martina Tlapa, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, at today's Business Day of the Russian Federation. This meeting is a traditional event of the MSV Supporting Programme, which is organized by the Chamber for Economic Relations with the SNS along with other partners on the second day of the fair.

Today's Business Day, attended by a number of prominent guests headed by Marta Nováková, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Georgiy Vladimirich Kalamanov, reflected the current Czech-Russian business relationship and also indicated the possibilities of cooperation with several Russian regions - the Ulyanov, Sverdlov and Nizhegorod regions. Individual speeches included specific information on areas where it is possible to develop mutual business cooperation, what pace of development exists in individual areas, what are the facilities of the technology parks or what forms of support are provided to foreign investors.

Czech minister Marta Nováková said that the meeting was taking place at a difficult time for the development of Czech-Russian business cooperation; she highlighted contacts with specific regions of the Russian Federation and the effort to seek inspiration for joint projects. She also reminded that the 11th meeting of the Czech-Russian intergovernmental commission is being prepared and is to be held in Prague. Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade G. V. Kalamanov noted that the turnover between the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation had increased again after a drop during the last year, he also talked about export promotion and the creation of the Russian Trade Centre, and recalled some joint projects implemented in the Russian Federation, in the fields of machine supply, lathe production, aviation, metallurgy or chemical industry. "I hope we will seriously consider future possibilities and successes today," said G. V. Kalamanov.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Czech Republic Alexander Vladimirovich Zmeyevskyi reminded that the Czech Republic belongs to Russia's main business partners and is the 11th place in terms of turnover. He also gave examples of some joint projects where, e.g. Agrostroj is building a farming machinery plant in the Voronezh region, or Škoda Auto opened another Yeti car production line, while they have already produced 3000 of these cars in Russia.

According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Tlapa, the importance of mutual relations is best documented by the participation of top officials from the regions and companies present at MSV. "Our relationships should be pragmatic, we should look ahead and think of what we can do together. Russia is a country with 143 million inhabitants, which cannot be overlooked. The economy and business growth – a turnover of 30% in my figures – confirms that companies are interested in doing business. It is the job of the state to create the conditions for reviving our economic relations. We see the interest of the regions on both sides. That is why our relationships are important and why I am optimistic."