3.-5.3. 2023

International Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Fair

Connection with Styl and Kabo fairs


The last day of the fair, Sunday, 16 February , the organizers have decided to link the OPTA fair with STYL and KABO. Although one may not think so at first glance, they are very similar events. Both fairs are only accessible to experts. In case of OPTA it is due to the exclusive registration and OPTA club cards. STYL and KABO Fairs go even further - registration takes place only on the basis of a company ID. Both events are then focused on fashion and trends and their connection will be highlighted  on Sunday, 16 February. Hall B will feature a STYLING POINT under the direction of make-up artist Pavel Bauer. Visitors, but also the exhibitors will avail of comprehensive consulting services focused on deciding what eye wear goes with which clothes or what makeup with which glasses etc. We think that in this day and age, when every fashion boutique also offers sunglasses and other glasses, this connection is more than appropriate," said project Director Věra Menšíková.

Date: 14 Jan 2014 18:23:00