21.-23.4. 2023

15th International Textile Exhibition

PPM Newly at BVV TRADE FAIRS BRNO: 22nd till 24th April, 2022

All exhibitors, retailers and thousands of visitors were disappointed when the 2020 PPM got cancelled due to Covid. Each similar situation, that suddenly ends a 15-year tradition, is shocking and surprising at first, but it may also turn into an impulse to step back and think about alternative solutions and long-term possibilities. For us, it is moving PPM to professionally managed trade fair premises - BVV Trade Fairs Brno.

We do believe that moving the event to a city, which presents itself with "Creative Brno" tagline is the best way to restart PPM after a Covid break. The  move will surely be welcome by thousands of visitors from Moravia, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Hungary, but also other destinations that will now be closer, allowing PPM to further strenghten its position within the region. It remains within reach for German visitors and Brno airport offers an easy connection point for those from further away. PPM Brno will follow up on 2020 and will enable all authors to present their work to a wide public and be seen. Both challenges WATER and KALEIDOSCOPE as well as EVOLON for the art quilt material challenge remain, however, applications will need to be resubmitted. Most of the  planned galleries will also be reinstated.

We hope that you will embrace the idea alongside us and will join us in building a new tradition in professional setting that will allow for a wider digital presence and on-line options that were thought after during the pandemic. Hopefully, more space will allow us to widen the area of crafts presented at the event in the upcoming years.

BVV Trade Fairs Brno is one of the  prestigeous trade fair organizers in Central and eastern Europe countries. Every year approximately 50 trade fairs or other exhibition events are held at the Brno Exhibition Centre and over 1 million visitors come to see them. Exhibition centre provides full first-rate exhibition services in modern exhibition halls. Brno is situated only 200 km southeast of Prague and 150 km north of Vienna.

We will be following up with details and more information shortly, including how to take part at the 14th PPM, this time in Brno.


Date: 22 Dec 2021 18:47:00