21.-23.4. 2023

15th International Textile Exhibition

PPM QUILT SHOW BRNO exceeded expectations

The PPM QUILT SHOW BRNO was presented for the first time at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 22 to 24 April. This year's edition was the first after a two-year pandemic break. Overall, however, it was the fourteenth edition of the international exhibition of textile techniques, especially patchwork and quilting. Hall E offered space for more than 20 galleries of textile works by 200 artists from 20 countries. Nearly 500 exhibits presented the full spectrum of contemporary work from traditional patchwork to art quilts. Most of them were presented for the first time ever in Central and Eastern Europe, some even in their world premiere.

Companies specialising in sewing machines, fabrics and other necessities for textile creation were also presented. Among the biggest sellers were companies such as Strima Czech, Haišman, Brother Sewing Technology or Látky Červený. This offer concentrated in one place together with the exhibited originals created an optimal mix of inspiration, creativity and creative encounters for the visitors.

Leading artists and authors of artistic and traditional quilts came to Brno. The worldwide association SAQA presented the theme Light up the World by artists from all continents. International was also the competition collection of the French EPM Wilderness exhibition. From Tradition to Modern is the title and characteristic of the all-German collection, which illustrated all current trends on a jury-selected ensemble. The Middle East was represented by Hana Ron from Israel, while the individual approach to the female theme was represented by snipSISters from Germany. For the first time in the history of the PPM, Hungary was represented by its own collection with the Modern Movement selection. International cooperation is also behind the projects "365" and Prague Jesuit. Milena Kankrlíková, the star of Czech classics for 2022, was also presented. The unique gallery of the AQH group Kůrovec had its world premiere. Visitors were invited to discuss the project In the Frame = Art? Eva Brabcová, Miroslava Kalinová, Michaela Kmječová and the BPK club offered their own work.

PPM is one of the world's most visited textile exhibitions, ranking 4th in Europe. The planned number of visitors saw the exhibition in the first two days, when two and a half thousand people came. Organised tours came from Hungary, Poland, Austria and Slovakia, for example. The new location and premises will allow the exhibition to expand further.

Traditionally, the exhibition also devotes space to charity projects. This year, with a collection of quilts and patchwork products, it tried to help the Hospice of the Good Shepherd in Čerčany.

The authors of the best quilts were announced

On Saturday afternoon, the award ceremony for the best quilts was held. The international jury of experts selected twelve works in two categories from fifty entries. Milena Kankrlíková and Monika Kolejová won in the classical competition with the theme KALEIDOSCOPE, and Bára Bartošová won in the creative competition with the theme WATER. The awarded authors received valuable prizes from the retailers. The winners of the Czech Quilt competition were chosen by visitors and will be published after the exhibition at www.bvv.cz/ppmbrno. The themes for next year's competitions are WEDDING RINGS and for the creative category ENERGY.

Six courses expanded the skills of quilters

Accompanying courses conducted by renowned foreign lecturers were suitable for advanced and novice amateurs. They gave advice on how to create fonts in quilting or how to create art quilts. The series of courses started on Friday with Quilting with rulers on a regular sewing machine by Heike Rosenbaum. Due to popular demand, the course was repeated on Sunday morning. On Saturday Barbara Lange showed how to give new life to old jeans. Magdi Acelos from Hungary then demonstrated the making of a leaky quilt. Gabi Fischer completed the trio of classes with the topic of lettering in quilting and in the Sunday workshop Hana Ron showed how to tear without tears, tears and fear. Demonstrations of various techniques and mini workshops were also held at the many vendor booths.


Martin Zubatý, CEO, Strima Czech s.r.o.

We were all full of expectations whether the exhibition would be similar to the previous ones. I can say that a lot of people came to Brno, which pleasantly surprised us. I am very happy that sewing will continue to be one of our favourite hobbies.

Pavel Haišman, company representative, Haišman s.r.o.

We like the PPM QUILT SHOW BRNO very much. It is a change, of course, because previously the event took place in Prague. But it was nice that more new customers came from Moravia.

Lenka Brzusková, Managing Director, Sewing Technology Brother s.r.o.

I am glad that the exhibition moved closer to our headquarters in Prostějov. I am glad that so many people came to see and enjoy the exhibition after the coronavirus break.

Mirka Štindlová, one of the two Kafkas, 2Kafky

I would like to appreciate that someone was able to organize such an event on this scale after two years. I like it here and I'm also satisfied from a business point of view because we didn't stop.

Dana Raselová, Managing Director, RAGOS spol. s r. o.

At the PPM QUILT SHOW BRNO I am very satisfied with both the attendance and the interest in our products. I thought that much fewer people would come, but I was surprised that even though everything is getting more expensive, people are still very interested. I am also glad that I could see everyone after the coronavirus break.

The 15th International Quilt Show Brno PPM QUILT SHOW BRNO will take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre on 21-23 April 2023.



Date: 24 Apr 2022 16:47:00