21.-23.4. 2023

15th International Textile Exhibition

Project VEBA: Africa for the 15th PPM Brno 21.-23.4.2023

We are happy to invite you to join our new international project brought to you by VEBA and BVV Trade Fairs Brno, the PPM Quilt Show Brno organizer. PPM regular visitors were used for many years to find a special collection made by authors from the whole Czech Republic based on a selection of fabrics brought to us from various exotic destinations by our sponsor Bernina. For 2023 we intend to continue the tradition and present our premiere cooperation with a large textile producer VEBA. I do believe that we start a really amazing project, because the fabrics sponsored by VEBA are extraordinary and luxury ones. African brocade is a 100% cotton fabric with glossy finish in unique patterns and limited production. Not only couture, but also interior design profit from this rare fabric and, as we do hope, quilts may come next.

Theme of Collection: AFRICA. Any textile technique of individual choice.

Each participating author will get 4 pieces of African brocade fabric sized approx. 40x 40 cm: 3 pieces with printed design and 1 piece with woven pattern that can be used from both sides. Any further fabrics can be added according to the intended pattern or design. The author will submit an Application Form (to be downloaded from the exhibition´s website) with no obligatory exhibition fee – the collection is sponsored by PPM Brno. The whole collection is intended as a travelling one, in charge of the schedule will be PPM Brno in close cooperation with the VEBA company. After its premiere at the 15th PPM Brno the collection will be exhibited in VEBA´s show rooms and may be borrowed by any participating author for another venue, the range and terms must be consulted with the administrator. Therefore, the quilts will not be returned to the authors after the PPM Brno, but will stay at the disposal of BVV Trade Fairs Brno/VEBA for next 3 years minimum.

Instructions for authors

  • The finished quilt must be made as a sandwich of 3 layers (top, batting, lining) with final size 40 x 70 cm vertically oriented. No additions, final measures!
  • The top back side will have an 8 cm sleeve for hanging, starting and ending 1 cm from both sides
  • The quilt must have a label with author´s name, quilt name and contact information
  • For the top all 4 basic brocades must be visibly used, adding further textile as well as not textile material is possible
  • Technique: any, i.e. classical patchwork, contemporary or art quilt

We do hope that you will use the opportunity to create a quilt of this unique fabrics!

Get your fabric set at iklugarova@bvv.cz.

For further information: Jana Sterbova, jana-sterbova@seznam.cz


Date: 22 Aug 2022 13:41:00