The record-breaking trade fair welcomed more exhibitors and filled two exhibition halls

The largest contracting and sales fair of its kind in the Czech Republic and Slovakia took place with the support of the Child Products Manufacturers and Importers Association for the first time ever. It was accompanied by an entertaining and educational supporting programme and the sales presentation Woman’s World. It is estimated that in the four days of the trade fair, 13,500 people visited the Brno Exhibition Grounds.


The largest contracting and sales fair of its kind in the Czech Republic and Slovakia took place with the support of the Child Products Manufacturers and Importers Association for the first time ever. It was accompanied by an entertaining and educational supporting programme and the sales presentation Woman’s World. It is estimated that in the four days of the trade fair, 13,500 people visited the Brno Exhibition Grounds.

“PRODÍTĚ is the most important contracting and sales fair in the Czech Republic. This year, it moved to a pair of modern pavilions G1 and G2, which in combination with bigger and more attractive expositions and adequate infrastructure improved the fair’s image,” said Project Director Miloň Mlčák. 93 manufacturer and distributor companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland used the net exhibition area of approximately 5,000 square metres to present their products. The first day was dedicated to professional visitors. Compared to last year, more of them came to the trade fair not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia and Poland. The weekend was, on the other hand, devoted to the larger public. Among the casual visitors, expecting or new parents who came to choose and buy specific products were the majority.

Exhibitors coming to Brno brought the full spectrum of child products, including a number of brand new ideas, improved models, and new collections made specifically for this year’s season. Besides suppliers of foreign brands, there was a growing number of Czech manufacturers, for example the company SAPSWAY, which showed up with a unique baby bouncer Swing One of their own creation. The high interest in the trade fair was sustained by a good condition of the economy and a slight rise in birth rates. “At the moment, the sector is growing. We can see that Czech people not only have money, but they also aren’t afraid of spending it. For approximately the last three years, we have been observing a rising tendency of customers being ready to spend more in exchange for better quality. The times of customers looking primarily at the product’s price and choosing the cheapest one are over,” said the Managing Director of the Child Products Manufacturers and Importers Association Zdeněk Háse.

From Friday to Sunday, the stage featured segments of the supporting programme for both children and adult visitors. Experts gave lectures on various interesting topics, such as ergonomic baby carriers, choosing the right child car seat, dental hygiene for children and pregnant women, face yoga, or getting ready for giving birth and breastfeeding. The entertaining programme captivated the minds of younger visitors, parents and their children were introduced to a fun way of learning languages, suitable even for babies. Fashion shows and competitions for attractive prizes were also a part of the programme. On Thursday, the Czech Young Hairdressers and Beauticians Championship HARMONIE took place. The competitors challenged each other in five different categories.

The next Child Products Fair Prodítě and sales presentation Woman’s World will take place from the 5th to the 8th of March 2020.

What they said about the trade fairs

Zdeněk Háse, Managing Director of the Child Products Manufacturers and Importers Association:
The trade fair PRODÍTĚ is important because it satisfies the need for the suppliers to present themselves all in one place. It is the only contracting trade fair in the country, and therefore each year’s only chance to meet in one place together with the traders. They, on the other hand, have a unique opportunity to get a feel for the goods they know they will be selling next year. It is rare for them to see so many products in one place. In our area of expertise, it is necessary to physically interact with the strollers and other products, to touch them, to measure them, to understand how they are assembled and disassembled. No virtual reality can replace that.

Lukáš Fiala, CEO/Marketing Director of the company Baby Direkt:
I consider this year to be a success. We are satisfied with the number of visitors, and it was excellent from the business point of view as well. Brno is ideally situated between Prague and Bratislava, which means that exhibitors from both countries like to come here. The trade fair is of high quality, we used to exhibit in Prague, but we do not anymore, as it has lost its value for us.

Lubomír Fiedler, owner of the company Ing. Lubomír Fiedler (the brands Inglesina, Kiddy, and others):
This year benefits from the change of the exhibition hall, the expositions are more spacious, and many traders have told us that the trade fair looked better than before. On Saturday, many end consumers came to visit, so all in all, we are happy with how the event turned out.

Martina Tregler, co-owner of the company BeeMy:
For us, PRODÍTĚ is a way of getting in direct contact with the customers. We can show them the ideas behind each of our products, what they are made of and how they can use them. The mothers like being able to touch the products with their own hands and to see their colours from up close. At the same time, they give us valuable feedback and inspiration for the future. We like coming here.

Jiří Salaba, CEO of the company SAPSWAY:
We came to the trade fair with the goal of presenting our baby bouncer Swing One and establishing partnerships with distributors. The interest shown in our work is truly massive and has exceeded our expectations. Since the fair began, I couldn’t stop for a second, and now I’m nearly too tired to speak. This is our first trade fair and I am very glad that we came here. People are giving a lot of praise to our baby bouncer and it’s filling me up with energy. In the first two days, we were approached by many traders and established partnerships with 15 people just from Slovakia. I am absolutely satisfied with the number of visitors.

Petr Kotík, Chairman and Managing Director of the company Patron Bohemia:
PRODÍTĚ is a sales fair, customers come here with the ambition of buying something. Many of them know what they want before they are even here, though it sometimes happens that they leave with something else. We come here for several different reasons – to get in touch with the traders, to meet end customers from Brno, and also to market our brand, because our client base is always changing.

Ladislav Janda, Sales Representative of the company Babypoint:
In the end, this year’s fair met our expectations. Two pavilions were filled up, plenty companies were exhibiting. Enough visitors came here on Saturday, and on Thursday and Friday, there were many traders instead. We are satisfied.

Kamil Bojanovský, KENYO:
We are regulars. For us, the trade fair is a place where we can present various brands and products to both the traders and the mothers who come here. Brno’s location is perfect for our needs, many people from Slovakia visit as well. We are glad that it was possible to come to an agreement regarding the change of the pavilion and are now pleased with the fair’s placement. I think that this year was a success.

Michal Špaček, co-owner of the company My Jasmine Trading:
Last year, we presented our first collection of baby-carriages Jasmine Prime, which was very successful, and many people made the decision to buy them right on the spot. This year, we more than doubled the size of our stand, and I firmly believe that we will continue doing so in the future. Attending the trade fair is crucial for marketing our brand and making Jasmine more popular. It also provides us with valuable feedback from mothers, and their reactions convince us that we are heading in the right direction.

Lucie Kálecká, Sales and Marketing, THULE:
The trade fair met our expectations. On Friday and Saturday, customers came in great numbers, and especially on Saturday morning, we didn’t have time to stop for a moment. We have a new collection of strollers, and we also wanted to show the end users the complete range of our products, some of which cannot be seen in our shop. The people who came to visit us could compare and try out our strollers, we are pleased with the event.

Ivo Špuk, owner of the company Ivo Špuk – Babynova:
It is too early to judge the fair, but so far it’s been going according to our expectations. The numbers are good, and the exhibition hall is better than it used to be. I am pleased.

Jaroslav Ohlídal, Chief Operations Officer of the company CARERO:
In contrast to last year, we doubled the area of our stand, and we appreciate the changes made to the pavilion – it is now more spacious, which makes it easier for our clients with strollers to move around. The visitor numbers are similar to those of the previous year, but our revenue grew in size. The weather was ideal, there were no problems with getting here, and at the same time, it wasn’t too sunny outside, so much so that potential visitors would rather go outside than come to the fair. I like it here, the expositions look beautiful, and I think that the visitors must be feeling comfortable in here, too.

Petra Hyklová, owner of the company Kiddies:
We returned to PRODÍTĚ after a year long break, because we had a new brand that we wanted to display. The attendance met my expectations, and I consider this year to be a move in the right direction. Due to this year’s better conditions, the companies had more space to play with, and their stands were more impressive than in the past as a result. The attendance numbers were satisfactory, and because the pavilion was more spacious, the issue of crowds forming in front of the stands and blocking them from view – as has been happening in the past – has disappeared. I am happy.

Denisa Drsová Reichová, Sales Manager of the company VAMARI (MonPeri brand):
This is our third year at the trade fair, and it is the best one so far. The exhibition hall grew in size, and there is much more room for everything. This is especially convenient at a child products trade fair, where there are many people moving around with baby strollers. To us it seems that the attendance numbers are growing, last year they were higher than the year before that, and this year, they exceeded our expectations again. The fair is progressing in the right direction. For our company, this was definitely a successful event.

Miluše Haubová, CEO of the company FOR BABY:
It was a good year. We do not come to the trade fair because of the end consumers, but to meet all the traders, who came here from both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are satisfied.